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Language Technology terms:

  • EN: active chart parser FI: aktiivinen taulukkojäsennin : A parser which uses a network of inactive edges for storing completed partial results and active edges for storing incomplete partial results.
  • EN: active edge FI: aktiivinen kaari : An edge which represents an incomplete constituent still missing some parts.
  • EN: Categorial Grammar FI: Kategoriakielioppi : A term used for a family of formalisms in natural language syntax motivated by the principle of compositionality and organized according to the view that syntactic constituents should generally combine as functions or according to a function-argument relationship.
  • EN: chart FI: jäsennystaulukko : A data structure representing stages of parsing in an active chart parser. The chart consists of vertices and edges.
  • EN: Cocke-Younger-Kasami parser FI: CYK-jäsennin : A tabular bottom-up parsing method.
  • EN: Dependency Grammar FI: Dependenssikielioppi : A class of syntactic theories distinct from phrase structure grammars in which structure is determined by the relation between a word (a head) and its dependents.
  • EN: edge FI: kaari : A connector between two vertices in a parsing chart. An edge represents a partial or a complete parse of the substring that corresponds to the vertices.
  • EN: entry FI: kirjaus : an item e.g. in a lexicon representing some unit such as a lexeme or an affix
  • EN: Government and Binding Theory, Minimalist Framework FI: GB, minimalismi : A theory of syntax in the tradition of transformational grammar.
  • EN: Grammar Models and Formalisms FI: Kielioppimallit ja formalismit : __
  • EN: Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar FI: HPSG, pääsanaan perustuva lausekerakennekielioppi : A non-derivational generative grammar theory that uses a uniform formalism and is organized in a modular way.
  • EN: Language Analysis FI: Kielen analyysi : __
  • EN: Lexical-Functional Grammar FI: LFG : A theoretical framework in linguistics, a variety of generative grammar.
  • EN: Lexicons for Constraint-Based Grammars FI: Rajoitekielioppien leksikot : __
  • EN: Morphological Analysis FI: Morfologinen analyysi : __
  • EN: morphology FI: morfologia : The tasks of morphology are the identification, analysis and description of the structure of word-forms which, in turn, may be forms of inflected, derived or compounded lexemes.
  • EN: Natural Language Parsing FI: Luonnollisen kielen jäsentäminen : __
  • EN: Optimality Theory in Syntax FI: Optimaalisuusteoria syntaksissa : A development of generative grammar with focus on the investigation of universal principles, linguistic typology and language acquisition.
  • EN: parser FI: jäsennin : A process which assigns structure to some natural language unit such as a sentence or a word-form.
  • EN: parsing FI: jäsentäminen : The act of building some kind of grammatical structure to natural language units such as sentences or word-forms.
  • EN: Part-of-speech Tagging FI: Sanaluokan tunnistus : The process of marking up the words in a text as corresponding to a particular part of speech, based on both its definition, as well as its context—i.e., relationship with adjacent and related words in a phrase, sentence, or paragraph.
  • EN: Probabilistic Context-free Grammars FI: Probabilistiset kontekstittomat kieliopit : __
  • EN: semantic web FI: semanttinen web : formalism to extend the world wide web to include semantic relations etc.
  • EN: shallow parsing FI: pintajäsennys : An analysis of a sentence which identifies the constituents (noun groups, verbs,...), but does not specify their internal structure, nor their role in the main sentence.
  • EN: Systemic Functional Linguistics FI: Systeemis-funktionaalinen kielioppi : Concerned primarily with the choices that are made available to speakers of a language by their grammatical systems. These choices are assumed to be meaningful and relate speakers' intentions to the concrete forms of a language.
  • EN: Tokenization and Segmentation FI: Saneistus ja segmentointi : The process of demarcating and possibly classifying sections of a string of input characters.
  • EN: Tree Adjoining Grammar FI: TAG, Puuliitoskielioppi : Grammars that have rules for rewriting the nodes of trees as other trees.
  • EN: two level morphology FI: kaksitasomorfologia : A framework for doing morphology, where the surface-form and its morphophonemic representation are directly related to each other without any intermediate levels. The mapping between the morphophonemic level and the surface level is realized by a set of parallel constraints called two-level rules.

Computer Science terms:

  • EN: Cocke-Younger-Kasami parser FI: CYK-jäsennin : A tabular bottom-up parsing method.
  • EN: compiler FI: kääntäjä : A compiler is a computer program that transforms source code written in a programming language into binary form known as object code
  • EN: Interpreter FI: tulkki : A computer program that executes instructions written in a programming language.
  • EN: open source FI: avoin lähdekoodi : An attribute awarded to programs, whose source code can be freely obtained, modified and redistributed.
  • EN: regular language FI: säännöllinen kieli : A regular language is a formal language, which can be recognized by a finite state machine
  • EN: semantic web FI: semanttinen web : formalism to extend the world wide web to include semantic relations etc.
  • EN: Theory of computation FI: laskennan teoria : _The theory of computation is the branch of computer science that deals with whether and how efficiently problems can be solved on a model of computation, using an algorithm.

  • EN: XML FI: XML-merkkauskieli : A W3C-recommended general-purpose extensible markup language.

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