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Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
ResourceMaintainer text 30   The name of the maintainer HM
ShortName text 30   The name of this resource HM
FullName text 60 NONE Full name of resource H
ShortDescription text 60 NONE A short description of resource HM
LicenseType select 1 LicenseTypeA, LicenseTypeAASitePaysTheCopy, LicenseTypeACSCPaysTheCopy, LicenseTypeACSCPaysASiteLicense, LicenseTypeANoncommercial, LicenseTypeAFreeSiteLicense, LicenseTypeAAcademicSiteHasAContractForTheCopy, LicenseTypeB, LicenseTypeBCscHasContractForTheCopy, LicenseTypeG, LicenseTypeP, LicenseTypePGnu, LicenseTypePGnuGPL, LicenseTypeBGnuLGPL, LicenseTypePCopyrightInapplicable, LicenseTypeR, LicenseTypeRASitePaysForUse, LicenseTypeRAConsortiumPaysForUse, LicenseTypeU, LicenseTypeUResearchCopy, LicenseTypeUResearchCopyWithPermission the type of the license HM
ProviderName text 60x2   resource provider's name H
HomePage text 50   resource name H
Version textarea 60x4   Version information (may contain copyright notices) H
LatestVersion text 50   the most recent version that could be installed H
Description textarea 60x10   A description of the software or database H
Usage textarea 60x10   Usage HM
HelpCommand text 30   How to invocate the help function H
HelpText textarea 60x10
The text of a help function H
Bugs textarea 60x10   Information on bugs and problems H
UnixLocation text 60   Directory in H
WebInterface text 60   A named link to the web interface H
Group text 30   The name of the Unix group having access to the files H
Copyright textarea 60x2     H
Citation textarea 60x2     H
License textarea 60x2   license H
LicenseText textarea 60x10   full text of license H
InstallationProcedure textarea 60x10   instructions for re-installation H
CurrentConfiguration textarea 60x10   about the current configuration H
Discussion textarea 60x10   discussion on the software H
CscContacts textarea 60x10   CSC contact information H
ProviderContacts textarea 60x10   provider contact information H
FirstFewLinks textarea 60x10   first few links H
DeprecatedUrls textarea 60x5   Related URLs formelly existed now covered here. H

Types of linguistic research material

  • R - Raw corpora in various non-standard formats, with licenses that allow for further processing
  • S - Speech corpora and other multimedia corpora, with some metadata, manuscripts and mark-up
  • T - Text corpora with some metadata, annotation and linguistic mark-up
  • D - Extracted data such as words, trees, sentence pairs, or field linguistic records

Research material according to restrictions on the purpose of use

  • A - Academic research and education
  • B - Development of language technology
  • G - Accessible through a distribution agent
  • P - General public license or public domain
  • R - Research purposes only, not copyable
  • U - Unclear

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