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TextMorfo, a shallow parser for Finnish syntax


The Textmorfo program of Kielikone Oy parses and disambiguates Finnish text. The program contains

  • the morphological parser MORFO of Kielikone Oy
  • a dependency parser which disambiguates the morphological analyses produced by MORFO.

  • Jšppinen, H.; Lehtola,A.; Nelimarkka, E.; and Ylilammi, N., "Knowledge Engineering Approach to Morphological Analysis", First Conference of the European Chapter of ACL, Pisa, Italy, 1983, pp. 49-51.
  • Harri Jšppinen and Matti Ylilammi, "Associative Model of Morphological Analysis: An Empirical Inquiry", Computational Linguistics, Vol. 12, No 4, 1986, pp. 257-272.
  • Valkonen, K., Jšppinen, H., and Lehtola, A., "Blackboard-based dependency parsing". In Proceedings of IJCAI'87, Tenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1987, pp. 700-702.

Version and Copyright Information

version: TextMorfo v.2.0

copyright: (C) Kielikone Oy 2002


[]$ echo "Luennon lopusta oli kulunut tunti" | textmorfo

TextMorfo v.2.0 -- (C) Kielikone Oy 2002
BaseForm=kulua tunti,SurfaceForm=tunti,Category=Adjective-Noun,Case=,Number=,BasicPart=tunti,Component=,Position=5,Tense=,Voice=,Modal=,PersonN=,PersonP=,Clitic1=,Clitic2=,Comparison= 

  • In the output, ŚšŲŇń÷ are replaced with characters {|}[\]
  • the word order is not preserved in the output
  • each word occurs on a line of its own

Help, Manuals and Documentation

help commands:

further information:


License Text

Other Information

Field of science: Linguistics


License: LicenseTypeACSCPaysTheCopy

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