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Machine Syntax for Finnish, functional dependency grammar parser for Finnish


fi-fdg analyzes Finnish text according to a functional depencency grammar. The output is either in text format or a proprietary XML format.

Version and Copyright Information

version: Conexor FDG 3.7 (fi 2.2)

copyright: Conexor FDG 3.7 (fi 2.2) (c) Conexor oy, 1997-2002



[ling@corpus3 ~]> echo "Tässä testaamme ohjelmaa." | fi-fdg


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE analysis SYSTEM "">
<analysis><sentence id="w:1">
<token id="w:2">        <text>Tässä</text>      <lemma>tämä</lemma>     <depend head="w:3">loc:</depend>     <tags><syntax>&NH</syntax> <morpho>PRON SG INE</morpho></tags></token>
<token id="w:3">        <text>testaamme</text>  <lemma>testata</lemma>  <depend head="w:1">main:</depend>    <tags><syntax>&+MV</syntax> <morpho>V ACT IND PRES PL1</morpho></tags></token>
<token id="w:4">        <text>ohjelmaa</text>   <lemma>ohjelma</lemma>  <depend head="w:3">obj:</depend>     <tags><syntax>&NH</syntax> <morpho>N SG PTV</morpho></tags></token>
<token id="w:5">        <text>.</text>  <lemma>.</lemma></token>

Help, Manuals and Documentation

help commands:
fi-fdg --help
man fi-fdg

further information:

usage: fi-fdg [-flags] files
 -h             -- print this page
 -v             -- print version
 -k --keep-sgml -- let markup codes and comments pass through the parser
 --xml          -- print output as XML (only in FDG; default)
 --text         -- print output as text
 --dtd          -- print XML output with the DTD (only in FDG)
 --tagset       -- output starts with the tag descriptions (in XML; only in FDG)
 --tagset-dtd   -- with the DTD for the tag descriptions (only in FDG)
 --custom=file  -- apply a custom lexicon
 --port=number  -- start the server mode and listen to the given port
 --message      -- each message is analysed separately

More documentation related to the Connexor tools is available in the CSC Scientist´s User Interface at This documentation is only available to CSC's customers.


License Text

Academic licence: CSC Tieteellinen laskenta

Other Information

Field of science: Linguistics


License: LicenseTypeAASitePaysTheCopy

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