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Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
ShortName text 30   The name of this resource HM
FullName text 60   Full name of resource HM
ShortDescription text 60 NONE A short description of resource HM
Description textarea 60x10   A description of the software or database HM
ProviderName text 60x2   resource provider's name H
HomePage text 50   resource name H
Version textarea 60x10   Version information (may contain copyright notices) HM
LatestVersion text 50   the latest installed version H
Size textarea 60x6   Size and coverage HM
UnixLocation text 60   Directory in HM
DirectoryListing textarea 60x10   Unix directory listing in long format HM
ListOfParts textarea 60x10   Listing of parts H
Sample textarea 60x10   Sample content H
LicenseType select 1 LicenseTypeA, LicenseTypeAASitePaysTheCopy, LicenseTypeACSCPaysTheCopy, LicenseTypeACSCPaysASiteLicense, LicenseTypeANoncommercial, LicenseTypeAFreeSiteLicense, LicenseTypeAAcademicSiteHasAContractForTheCopy, LicenseTypeB, LicenseTypeBCscHasContractForTheCopy, LicenseTypeG, LicenseTypeP, LicenseTypePGnu, LicenseTypePGnuGPL, LicenseTypeBGnuLGPL, LicenseTypePCopyrightInapplicable, LicenseTypeR, LicenseTypeRASitePaysForUse, LicenseTypeRAConsortiumPaysForUse, LicenseTypeU, LicenseTypeUResearchCopy, LicenseTypeUResearchCopyWithPermission the type of the license HM
ConditionsOfUse textarea 60x10 INCLUDE{"Resource:MyResource_ConditionsOfUse"} full English text of conditions of use for CSC user HM
Referring textarea 60x5   How to refer to this resource material HM
References textarea 50x4     H
Group text 30   The name of the Unix group having access to the files HM
Bugs textarea 60x10   Information on bugs and problems H
ReportingBugs textarea 60x3   Information on sending bug reports H
WebInterface text 60   A named link to the web interface H
ResourceType select 1 R,S,T,X Raw nonstandard content,Speech,Text,Extracted H
License textarea 60x2   license H
LicenseText textarea 60x10   full text of license H
Anvandarvillkor textarea 60x10 INCLUDE{"Resource:MyResource_Användarvillkor"} full Swedish text of license of use for CSC user H
Kayttoehdot textarea 60x10 INCLUDE{"Resource:MyResource_Käyttöehdot"} full Finnish text of license of use for CSC user H
OtherParties text 60x2   The names of originator, resource holder and distributor H
Background text 60x5   The history of the resource H
Copying text 60x2   Conditions of copying H
Publishing text 60x2   Conditions of publishing H
LTDeveloping text 60x2   Conditions of using in Language Technology development H
Owner text 30   The username and the full name of the owner of files H
Copyright textarea 60x8     H
Usage textarea 60x10   Usage H
CorpusHeader textarea 60x10   The XCES or TEI header of the corpus files H
ProviderContacts textarea 60x10   provider contact information H
FirstFewLinks textarea 60x10   first few links H

Types of linguistic research material

  • R - Raw corpora in various non-standard formats, with licenses that allow for further processing
  • S - Speech corpora and other multimedia corpora, with some metadata, manuscripts and mark-up
  • T - Text corpora with some metadata, annotation and linguistic mark-up
  • D - Extracted data such as words, trees, sentence pairs, or field linguistic records

Research material according to type of the covering license

  • P - Public material without copyright
  • C - Public material with copyright
  • F - Licenses that allow free distribution
  • G - Service contracts that define CSC as an agent that makes the material accessible
  • S - Contracts according to which CSC produces a corpus server of another institution
  • Licenses that allow accessing the material though a server of another institution


  • W = Through the web-based CSC Scientist's User Interface
  • U = Through the UNIX-based corpus server

Research material according to restrictions on the purpose of use

  • Academic research and research training
  • Development of language technology
  • Professional use as a language memory e.g. by human translators
  • Collection of readings for education purposes
  • Republication and other commercial use

The languages
  • Finnish
  • Swedish and Finlandsvenska
  • English
  • French
  • Swahili

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