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The SKTP text collection: Conditions of Use

General Conditions Of Use for the CSC Services

  1. The user account on the server is valid for the maximum period of two (2) years at the time, starting from the day of admission. CSC will notify the user well before the expiration date of the user account. User information will be updated in connection with the renewal of the license. If not agreed otherwise, unused accounts and the corresponding files will be removed one year after the last use at the latest. The user account will expire immediately when a task or a study has been completed or the user has left the university or polytechnic.
  2. Each user account is personal. No user shall pass the password on to a third party.
  3. If there is a reason to doubt that unauthorized people have used or tried to use the resources, CSC must be notified immediately. Storing delicate or confidential information or sending it over the network should be negotiated in advance with CSC.
  4. The resources obtained must be used for the proposed task only.
  5. Due to licence conditions, foreign user accounts and the use of the resources from abroad should be negotiated separately.
  6. The user id must be secured by a password that is difficult to anticipate.
  7. Some software can be used by academic users only. Other users must settle the matter with software contact persons.
  8. CSC stores customer files for a maximum time of two years after the user account has expired.
  9. CSC takes back-up copies of the customers files regularly. However, CSC declines any responsibility for files lost due to system failure.
  10. This agreement will dissolve immediately, if the licensee brakes the rules and regulation stipulated in this agreement.
  11. Neither contracting party is liable to compensate the other party for such damage preventing the fulfillment of this agreement that is caused by force majeure.

Additional conditions of use for the texts under the A license

  1. Provided that the user observes the copyright legislation and good scientic practices, a right to access the texts with the a-lisence in the Finnish, Swedish and Finland-Swedish Text Collections as well as other text resources under the a-license is granted
    • to utilize these texts as research material in scientific research, and
    • to utilize the linguistic features (statistical measurements, grammar rules, lexical semantics) derived from these texts,
    • to extract from texts and utilize short quotations and examples that do not infringe copyright.
  2. As to the Swedish Parole Corpus, the access right are limited according to a separate license.
  3. When publishing research results that have been acquired using research materials (e.g. text and speech corpora) made available by the Language Bank of Finland, due reference must be made according to the model presented here:
  4. The right to use any research materials made available by the Language Bank of Finland does not affect the copyrights or other immaterial property rights coupled with the texts. Such rights stay with their current holders.
  5. Users may not copy longer passages of text from the text collections from the corpus server ( than short citations.
  6. Privileged users may store temporary copies of texts in non-official directories on the corpus server if it is required for carrying out the research and the user takes action to assure the data security of the texts.
  7. The right to use granted to the user who has signed this agreement is personal and cannot be transferred to any third person or party.
  8. The right to use takes effect when the licensor has approved the application an*d opened a user account for the licensee on the corpus server (
  9. The right to use the research materials applied for in the application is valid as long as the access right to the corpus server (
  10. The licensor is not responsible for the suitability of the research materials for any given purpose.
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