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The corpus of Le Monde


The Department of Romance Languages in the University of Helsinki licensed this corpus from ELDA. The Department of Romance Languages is the end user of the use of the corpus, according to ELDA's Language Resources End-User Agreement.

CSC provides the computing facilities needed to access the corpus by the End-User i.e. the Department of Romance Languages. The staff of the End-User has been specified in the annex of the agreement between CSC and the department. The annex is maintained by Professor Juhani Härmä, and implemented in computers by CSC Ltd.

Home Page:

Version and Size

Version: LE MONDE "Text Corpus" Version 1.0 Disk 1/1, distributed by ELRA.

Size: (information not available)

Content and Structure

Directory in the Corpus Server


Directory Listing

drwxr-x---  3 ling lemonde      4096  4. huhti   2001 /l/kielipankki/lemonde/
drwxr-x---  2 ling lemonde      4096 25. loka    2001 /l/kielipankki/lemonde/1999
-r--r-----  1 ling lemonde 192899522  4. huhti   2001 /l/kielipankki/lemonde/1999/all.txt
-rw-------  1 ling csc         13971 25. loka    2001 /l/kielipankki/lemonde/1999/cleanup.log
-rwxr-x---  1 ling lemonde       275 10. huhti   2001 /l/kielipankki/lemonde/1999/
-rwxr-x---  1 ling lemonde      1613 25. loka    2001 /l/kielipankki/lemonde/1999/


The following sample is from file /l/kielipankki/lemonde/1999/all.txt:

#TIJ(1)=Boris Eltsine lance le « nouveau rouble » et critique les jeunes réforma
À LA VEILLE du lancement du nouveau rouble, prévu le 31 décembre à minuit, Boris
Eltsine a demandé à son gouvernement une « approche nouvelle et des idées percut
antes » 
afin d'assurer un redressement économique en 1998.<>
 Dans un communiqué publié mardi 30 décembre par le Kremlin, le président russe 

Access Rights and Conditions

See ELDA Language Resources End-User Agreement

The Group of Unix Users Having Access to the Resource: lemonde


Making Bibliographical Reference to the Material:

(information not available)

Other References

Release Notes and Details

Sending Bug Reports

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