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About the Service Pilot KitWiki

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How to Organize and Utilize KitWiki

Target Users and Purposes

Specific Use Scenarios
  • teaching, i.e. how the TWiki facilities can be used as a tool in teaching network-based courses.
  • meetings, i.e. how the TWiki facilitates calendar management, video conferencing, Skype, writing down notes, real-time chat-like meetings, etc..
  • reporting, i.e. how the TWiki helps in creating project reports and surveys collaboratively.
  • catalogueing, i.e. how to use TWiki for collecting data on language resources, relevant meetings and bibliographical entries.
  • research, i.e. how the TWiki can be used to create and browse information on language research methodologies.
  • organizations, i.e. how the TWiki can be used to facilitate national LT organizations.
  • documentation, i.e. how the TWiki can be used in Language Technology Documentation Centres.
  • discussion, i.e. how the TWiki can be used to facilitate discussion of Birds Of a Feather, and reading groups.
  • history, i.e. how the TWiki can be used as a blackboard and notebook in writing the history of the Language Technology in the Northern Region.
  • helpdesk, i.e. how the TWiki can be used to improve the quality of helpdesk and to collect FAQ on the Language Bank of Finland.

Technical Advice on TWiki

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