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Relation between KitWiki and FiLT

The Language Technology Documentation Centre of Finland, FiLT has partly similar contents and functions as KitWiki, but they have different roles and are intended to be complementary rather than overlapping. The primary function of FiLT is to collect information on relevant parties and items and provide a link to the actual sources of information whereas KitWiki is intended to serve as a tool for cooperative activities and serve. The information in FiLT and other NorDokNet sites and in Language Technology World is divided into four main catecories:

  1. Information and knowledge about language technology. No similar information is being collected in KitWiki presently.
  2. Players and teams which lists researchers and other individuals, organizations and projects and commercial companies within this field - but only lists them with a pointer and coarse classification. Some of the teams or players may have an forum at the Community section where they collect material for and about their meetings and activities.
  3. Systems and resources which lists materials, products and (less complete) research systems. Here we have some overlap, but FiLT will not go to any details beyond listing the items and giving a link. KitWiki is expected to collect more detailed info about materials and stress the user perspective. Some corpora are listed in this section of FiLT, but the Resources section of KitWiki is expected to attract more information on them. On the other hand, information about products and systems will be present in Sandbox.Methods if the programs are available at CSC and then the Sandbox.Methods will contain advice and documentation on using the products and systems.
  4. Communication and events which is a rather passive part of the FiLT containing only a dynamically updated and comprehensive list of messages announcing conferences.
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