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How Many Webs?

Currently KitWiki contains several webs: Sandbox, TWiki, Main, KitWiki, Communities, Sandbox.Methods, Resources. This may be too many, and therefore this has a topic of a debate.


  • One possibly significant advantage of separate webs is that it forces the users to think in terms of categories of topics. They will ask themselves: is this topic about collaboration in general, about research methods or about linguistic resources. Furthermore, this distinction makes Index and Change pages specific to these types of data. One of the problems in the current setting is that both the Main and Community webs contain groups of people. -- AnssiYliJyra - 19 May 2006 - 23:47
  • If Kimmo is right, we need to combine the current webs sooner rather than later. Combining will take one working day and I am not available for that before midsummer, unfortunately. There are two options: (i) Combining Community, Sandbox.Methods and Resources webs to KitWiki web. This will still retain the users in Main, a separate web. (ii) Moving all in KitWiki web content to Main web. Renaming Main as KitWiki is not a safe decision (it was attempted earlier and it broke the system once). The two-step change (i+ii) is not rational, because it almost requires two days. Although moving of pages from webs is easy, some of the links may become invalid and all the pages have to be checked for broken links. (TWiki is good enough to rename most links as needed.) -- AnssiYliJyra - 19 May 2006 - 23:01
  • It seems to be choice between two extremes or some compromise between them: (a) one large KitWiki web for all pages vs. (b) a separate web for each section, i.e. many webs (>20). The former puts some strain on selecting the topic wikinames and makes it difficult to have selective access control for individual sections. The latter makes it clumsy to refer to other sections, but selective access control is easy (if there is a separate web for each section). A compromise between the extremes might have the problems of both alternatives - and none of the benefits. -- KimmoKoskenniemi - 09 May 2006 - 16:13
  • Because the sustainability of the KitWiki system has a currently a limited time frame (to the end of 2006), we need to plan the future of the dynamic content of the system. Could some part of it become a static part of FiLT? Could we move something to other Wikis? -- AnssiYliJyra - 09 May 2006 - 11:55
  • The optimum number of TWiki web compartments in KitWiki might more difficult to decide. A single Main web would make the cross referencing easy, but then all parts of the KitWiki would have the same defautl access rights. As far as I can tell, the access rights can be set for a TWiki web or for a single topic page. Access rights are not inherited from a parent to its children. Thus, I would keep the present set of webs until I better understand what kind of access defaults each of these three webs (community, resources and methods) represent. -- KimmoKoskenniemi - 04 May 2006 - 14:45
  • KimmoKoskenniemi suggested that having multiple webs might make things TOO complicated when we refer to people and resources. I am ready to move everything under KitWiki to the Main web, while retaining the entry points to Community, Resources and Sandbox.Methods. Then we will have only three webs: Main, Sandbox and TWiki but this adds more burden to the way topics are named. Do you second this motion???
    -- AnssiYliJyra - 04 May 2006
  • Yes, that is better. Shorter names: 1. Community, 2. Resources, 3. Sandbox.Methods. -- AnssiYliJyra - 25 Apr 2006
  • To serve as a basis for discussion: Could the KitWiki consist of only three sub sections (alias webs) as follows:
    1. Community (WHO = This section is used for coordinating the activities of national or international organs, organizations and networks and for easy dissemination of information related to them)
    2. Corpora, Terms and Other Resources (WHAT = Mostly static or cumulative information about the material, not instructions how to use the Corpus computer and what kinds of tools there are, cf. section 3)
    3. Tools, Sandbox.Methods, Programs and Experiences (HOW = All kinds of instructions how things can be done)
    Or could this pose problems, e.g. in the form of giving selective access rights?
    -- KimmoKoskenniemi - 25 Apr 2006

-- AnssiYliJyra - 27 Jun 2006

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