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The Evaluation of the Service KitWiki

Will the KitWiki Get More Time?

It is of high importance to us to get continuation for the service KitWiki, produced either by CSC or some other organization. We have the following options:
  • CSC decides to commit to the maintenance of the service
  • The service is moved to a commercial wiki hotel
  • Some other wiki replaces KitWiki

The Purpose of the Evaluation

In the end of November 2006, CSC will evaluate the usefulness and maintenance load of the service as well as the technical adequacy of the current TWiki technology. If it turns out that running the system is too expensive and difficult in the future, CSC may need to shut the service in the end of the year 2006. However, if it turns out that the KitWiki is an efficient way to realize and support the mission of CSC, CSC will probably want to support KitWiki after the pilot year. In this case, we still need to evaluate who is the best operator for wiki systems: should CSC have this expertice or should be buy it from an external company. The user's are asked, therefore, to add comments on the following topics: (i) benefits, advantages and usefulness, (ii) technical problems and adequacy, (iii) maintenance challenges, (iv) alternatives.

Benefits, Advantages and Usefullness of KitWiki
Technical Problems and Adequacy

-- AnssiYliJyra - 23 Mar 2006

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