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Database: Bibliography


This open bibliography is under development. Each bibliography entry can belong to multiple sub-bibliographies. Currently the entries can be assigned to any number of the following sub-bibliographies:
  • BenefitedFromCSC - the publications of users of the Language Bank of Finland (note that the language bank is produced by CSC)
  • OnLanguageTechnology - publications on Language Technology (e.g. in contrast to General Linguistics)
  • OnSyntax - publications on natural language syntax
  • OnMorphology - publications on natural language morphology and phonology
  • OnFiniteAutomata - publications on finite automata (either in language technology or in computer science)
  • OnPublishing - manuals and books that help in preparing documents for publication
At the time being, separate views to these sub-bibliographies have not been implemented.

Inserting New Entries

To name the entry,
  • start with Bib:,
  • write then list the second names of at most two authors — if there are three or more authors, write "etal" as the second author —
  • then add the year of publication,
  • then add an abreviation of the title (3 letters of each of the first four words of the title)
  • then add the type of the publication with three letters: art(icle), boo(k), inp(roceedings), inc(ollection), man(uscript), tec(hnical report),...
The benefit of using this naming scheme is that provides relatively unique and mnemonic identifiers for the entries. If this is all too complicated, you can use any name and then expect that somebody changes the name of the entry for you.

Topic names already in use: BibGratzer2000MatIntLatbooBibKohonen2006forthcomingHavKerKomart

The List of Stored Entries

  • George Grätzer. 2000. "Math into Latex." Birhäuser, Springer: Boston, New York (respectively for publishers). OnPublishing.
  • Kohonen, Jukka. 2006. "Havaintoja kertaa-komparatiivista." Virittäjä. Kotikielen Seura: Helsinki. BenefitedFromCSC.

The BIBTEX Formatted List of Stored Entries (the bibtex conversion is automatic):

@article{ BibKohonen2006forthcomingHavKerKomart,
  author ={Kohonen, Jukka},
  year ={2006},
  title ={Havaintoja kertaa-komparatiivista},
  journal ={Virittäjä},
  publisher={Kotikielen Seura}
  address ={Helsinki}

@book{ BibGratzer2000MatIntLatboo,
  author ={George Grätzer},
  year ={2000},
  title ={Math into Latex},
  publisher={Birhäuser, Springer}
  address ={Boston, New York (respectively for publishers)}

Bugs: The list of BIBTEX entries contains currently only journal articles, books and articles in collections or proceedings. All the attributes are not printed in the records.

-- AnssiYliJyra - 04 Sep 2006

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