This web is for holding topics deemed as old or irrelevant for KitWiki. If you think the topic doesn't belong here, please check that it's named properly (is a WikiWord) and descriptively, contains relevant data, and is put back to a relevant web.

Narrower Terms

Hyponyms are here called narrower terms. I.e. if the current term is Verb a narrower term might be IntransitiveVerb.

Broader Term

You may add WikiNames of topics (separated by commas) for broader terms here. Broader terms means hypernyms or more general terms. E.g. Verb would be a broader term of TransitiveVerb.

Related Terms

This is a place to put WikiNames of terms which are in some other relation than hypernyms (broader terms) or hyponyms (narrower terms) to the current one. If you are not sure wheter the relation is clearly one of the above, you may put the WikiName here.

Discussion about the term

This is a place where to put any comments, opinions, questions and whatever which might be useful in developing this particular term entry, including suggestions for denominations (term names) and its origin.

Reference to literature

This is a place to give a reference to a book or an article or other source where one can find a more comprehensive definition of and discussion about the concept. It is useful to refer to common and well-known textbooks. Separate conventions will be designed and documented for bibliographic references.

Relation of a term to other terms

If you can readily see other terms which are related to this term, you are welcome to record those observations here. The recording of such a connection is made by writing the WikiName or other topic name of the terms to which you wish to refer. There are further comments on each of the types of relations: BroaderTerm, NarrowerTerm and OtherRelatedTerm.

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 08 Apr 2006

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