This page was for notes and discussion at the beginning of the Molto project and associated work. Topics will cover MT evaluation, CAT tools for GF, etc.

Slides from kickoff meeting <a href="">here</a>

Things to do first:

1. Establish a MoltoWeb on the CSC TWiki analogous to the ClarinWeb to hold everything local to the UHEL side of the project
1. List of people on UHEL, contactinfo, working days, hours, room, tasks
1. Seppo Nyrkkö "sub-project manager"
2. Lauri E. Alanko (started)
3. Inari Liisteenmaa (started)
4. Mirka Hyvärinen (from 1.4. on)
2. Project calendar
3. Mailing lists

2. Update our info on the MOLTO website
1. staff
2. wp descriptions

3. Create a working environment on shareable to people on the project:
1, subversion or other versioning
2. Grammatical Framework
3. OWLIM/Sesame
4. Stanford Parser
5. anything else that is needed

Associated projects:

* ContentFactory
1. Paula Pääkkö (1.4 half time, 1.6.-31.8. fulltime)

* Maarit Koponen (LangNet PhD on MT evaluation)

-- LauriCarlson - 2010-04-01

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