The Nordic Countries - A Leading Region in Language Technology

Edited by Krister Lindén, Kimmo Koskenniemi and Torbjørn Nordgård

The Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned a ten-year plan in the form of an expert panel report (= vismansrapport) for making the Nordic Countries a leading region in language technology (LT). LT means a number of technologies used by computers for processing human language, e.g. spell-checking, machine translation and speech recognition to mention only the most well-known. Applications are diverse. The aim of the report is to identify the common key areas which need to be addressed when making the Nordic countries into a leading region. The report highlights key areas, magnitudes of investments, suggested partners, modes of cooperation and some initial key actions.

The Nordic Council of Ministers has recently concluded a successful LT Research Programme, which is briefly outlined as background information. This investment should be seen in relation to the investments the Nordic Countries have made in university-lead LT development projects in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Information on these was collected from public databases in the Nordic Countries and the information was circulated for comments among the contributors to the report.

We sent out a questionnaire among 70 invited experts from the Nordic Countries collecting comments on an initial vision for LT in 2016 and its prerequisites as well as current obstacles for LT development and general trends influencing LT development and its applications. In the questionnaire we also asked for recommendations on the order of magnitude of investments and modes of cooperation needed. Of the invited experts, 30 contributed their comments, which we hereby gratefully acknowledge. When analyzing the background and the comments on the questionnaire, we identified six key areas: LT Policy, LT Resources, LT Research and Development, LT Training and Education, LT Legislation and LT Business Aspects for which we present our recommendations and an action plan in this Expert Panel Report.


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