In "Nordisk Sprogteknologisk Forskningsprogram 2000-2004. Epilog", the aim of the previous Nordic language technology investment was to raise the profile of the Nordic language community and safeguard good Nordic language technology for the users. More specifically, this meant that three goals were given for supporting research and research-based education.

  • Improved communication between the Nordic language technology researchers
  • Improved cooperation on PhD education
  • Establishing facilities or documentation centers to ensure the availability and reusability of research results, text collections and tools

In order to achieve these goals, three specific priority areas were selected:

  • Computer-Aided Language Learning for Nordic Languages
  • Cross-Lingual Information Management for the Nordic Languages
  • Natural Language Human-Computer Interaction

For this purpose a budget of approximately 5 MDKK annually during 2000-2004 totaling 23.278.500 DKK was allocated, i.e. approximately 3.1 MEUR.

Nordic Countries

In addition to efforts on the Nordic level, the investment in the specific Nordic Countries have also been significant but of varying magnitude. An estimate of the research investments by the Nordic Countries was collected from the public databases and records available on the internet. The projects were verified by the various persons contributing to this report. However, in order to make the figures comparable in the Nordic countries only external state-funding of university-lead research projects were included, i.e. business contributions or university budget contributions were not included. Nor did we include EU projects. All together, the Nordic Countries have financed research projects directly to the amount of 24 MEUR during 2003-2005. The period was chosen because public records in some form or another were available for all the Nordic Countries for this period.


In Denmark, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation finances language technology research under The Danish Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation which performs secretariat functions for a number of independent councils. The two main councils for financing language technology research are the Danish Council for Independent Research and Danish Council for Strategic Research. During the period 2003-2005, Denmark spent


In Finland, the two main Agencies for research funding are the Academy of Finland (Academy) and the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES). The Academy is financed by the Ministry of Education and TEKES is financed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. During the period 2003-2005, Finland spent


In Iceland, the period 2003-2005 saw investments of


In Norway, the main financing body of university-lead research is the Norwegian Research Council. During the period 2003-2005 Norway had a ongoing strategic research program for language technology "Kunnskapsutvikling for norsk språkteknologi (KUNSTI, 2001-2006)", which accounts for 70 % of the funding under the chosen period of comparison. In addition, Norway also had independent projects. During the period 2003-2005, Norway spent


In Sweden, the funding is diverse with the main funding Agencies being The Swedish Research Council, The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) and to some lesser extent the Knowledge Foundation. A strategic investment in LT was concluded in Sweden before the period which we are currently focusing on. During the period 2003-2005, Sweden spent

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