WP7 and WP5 partly

This is an informal page for planning the acitivities within the University of Helsinki CLARIN work group for (work package) WP7.

Background information

Source: Annex I "Description of Work". Essential elements:

General aim = making language resources and technology available to the humanities, social sciences and all research communities that would benefit from the infrasturcture.

WP7 deals with part of the technical dimension, i.e. authentication and international property rights (IPR). The main bulk of the technical part is in WP2 which will create a prototype of infrastructure, agreement on data and interoperability standards for a validated prototype. Validation = technical aspects (WP2 and WP7) + linguistic aspects (WP5R and WP5C) + user aspects (WP3). WP5 will populate the (integrated) prototype for validation with a selection of resources and technologies for all participating languages. WP8 will prepare an agreement btw the funding agencies in the participating countries about construction and exploitation phase.

Plans for the work packages (p. 11), as of WP7:
- preparation work in licensing
- preparation work in authorization
- investigate requirements for federal agreements
- study and formally describe the collaboration with other initiatives and institutes

WP's work independently, but some interactions are expected:
- WP5 to inform WP7 about: resources + technologies to be integrated, point to problems with IPR/licencing/business model issues.
- WP7 to deliver simplified models for WP5 to analyze.
- WP2 to inform WP7 about requirements for legal + ethical issues (techically based) e.g. repository+archive federations
- WP7 to inform WP2 about security requirements, on authorization and business schemes to be integrated
- WP7 to inform WP8 about legal, ethical, licencing, business frameworks and models on creation of LRT, sharing of LRT and use of LRT

UHEL milestones: WP7 and one WP5R

  • M7S-1.1 Working groups formed and Activity plan exists 31.3.2008
  • M7S-2.1 Initial authorization and authentication scheme plan 30.9.2008
  • M7S-2.2 Registry for existing licences for LRT in operation and incrementally growing 31.12.2008
  • M7S-4.1 Repository federations and initial set of Federation Agreements between CLARIN centres (available for WP2) 31.12.2008
  • M7S-2.3 First comprehensive summary about licensing problems distributed 30.6.2009
  • M7S-2.4 Initial versions of licencing templates distributed for review 31.12.2009

  • WP5R M5R-3 First description of typical LRT operation workflows 31.12.2009 (WP5R is about implementing activities, p. 33)

WP7 deliverables

  • D7S-3.1 Collaboration plan between CLARIN and external services 31.12.2009
  • D7S-2.1 A report including model licensing templates and authorization and authentication sheme 31.12.2010
  • D7S-4.1 Set of federation agreements for CLARIN centres 31.12.2010

UHEL Tasks

WP5C, UHEL one of the working groups

Task C1 work group is responsible for the working plan, UHEL is not one of these.
  • Task C2 taxonomy
  • Task C3 requirements for the registries of recources and tools for the representational standards for the various types of resources

WP5R, UHEL one of the working groups

  • Task R1 criteria and priorities for the integration of language data and tools (in the prototypical infrastructure).
  • Task R3 web services (schemes come from WP2)
  • Task R4 validating the technical standards (set in WP2)

WP7S (p. 41)

  • Task 1 working group formation and activity plan
Working group: Who? Which periods? What kind of expertise do they have?
Mapping people with tasks and deliverables Activity plan: in Kit-Wiki?

  • Task 2 a framework for licencing and authorization btw CLARIN and external providers (may incl. commercial resources and software). Investigation of current practices and models. Business models studied and commercial services contacted. Resource centre models.
What does authorization include? -> subtasks
What does licencing include? -> subtasks
What needs to be done in practice to obtain the goal of this task? -> subtasks
Who will do the subtasks?
What in practice is meant by business models?
What in practice is meant by commercial services?
How will they be contacted?
What is a resource center?

  • Task 3 integration of existing catalogue based services (e.g. ELDA) in Europe

What are the catalogue based services? List of the existing ones? What in practice is meant by integration? How will it be achieved? -> subtasks

  • Task 4 WP2 technical requirements studied, discussions with existing federations and projects, model agreements agreed upon at a European level, DAM-LR based

What is meant by existing federations? Registry federation? What kind of projects exist? Where are they? Who needs to be contacted? When?

Documents Produced as a (D)eliverable, as a (M)ilestone or as a (T)ask within WP7 -> Activity Plan

D7S-2.1 Report

  • AA schemes (D) [Sibboleth, vrt. kirjasto, auditointi EU:n tasolla]- Summary (M) (of problems)
  • Model licencing templates (D) - Registry (of existing licences) (M) - Model templates (M) [PWP7a+b: Parole-malli etc., kaikkien osapuolten laisäädäntöjen mukainen autentikointiteknologia]

The following documents need to be created:

  • Investigation (T) (of current practices and models) = PWP7a1 Inventory of existing LR licences + PWP7 a3 Inventory of existing LTR licences
  • Study (T) (of business models)
  • Model (T) (of a resource centre)
  • Report (T) (of contacts to commercial services)

The following work groups are proposed (source WP7: plan for 2008): Wp7Wg2A during 2008, representatives from all participating countries (Marjut Salokannel, UTU, INL, ILSP, Martin, Peter, Commercial publishers...)

D7S-3.1 Plan (collaboration) (D) (no Milestones)

For this, the following documents need to be created: * Report (of existing initiatives and integration options)

The following work groups are proposed (source WP7: plan for 2008): Wp7Wg3 during 2009 (ELDA, WP5...)

D7S-4.1 Set (of federation agreements) [ovatko seuraavat milestonet erillisiä toisistaan?]

  • Initial set (of agreements) (M) - Model agreements (T) [auditointikriteerit]
  • Repository federations (M) - Study (WP2 technical requirements) (M) [Trust Realtions, methods for auditing for reassurance of trust]

The following documents need to be created:

  • Study (of WP2 technical requirements)
  • Plan for discussions with existing NIFs [HAKA-konsortio]
  • Plan for grid projects

The following work groups are proposed (source WP7: plan for 2008): Wp7Wg4 as WP2 proceeds


  • LRT Registry, Registry Infrastructure
  • LRT components = resources, tools, advice
  • AA scheme
  • template
  • registry federation

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