CSC Wiki User's Agreement

  • The user accepts that short breaks in the availability of the system are possible.

  • Excluding the fair use such as short quotations, the user avoids adding such content that he or she does not have copyright to. As to other material, its copyright belongs to the contributors, i.e. to those users that have provided the content to the system.

  • The user agrees on the purpose of the user's account. The purpose of this system is to support collaboration activities among scientists. The user does not intentially insert spams, or do illegal inclusion or quotation of some material. The user accepts his or her responsibility to find out what content can be legally presented.

  • The user does not use a password that is easy to guess, and the user accepts the responsibility to keep the password in a secure place so that a third party cannot acquire it or get it directly from the user. The user does not use the account to participate in a system intrusion.

  • The user allows their WikiName to be listed on List of TWiki users which may be publicly available on the internet.
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