Perjantai 26.10.2012

  • Jussi opettelee GlobalSightin käyttöä
  • LauriA säätää GF:n puupankin tulostamaan XLIFFiä tms.
  • Kaivetaan esille Ramonan skripti
  • Kysytään Göteborgilta, onko Phrasebook jo kypsä testattavaksi + onko niillä näppärä puupankki Phrasebookista generoituja lauseita vai tehdäänkö itse
  • Jussi ja Maarit voi pohdiskella evaluaatiota


Friday 08.06.2012

  • Summer holidays to calendar
  • Replacement to Julia
  • Installation of D3.2 software on
  • Installation of OWLIM on

Thursday 12.05.2011

  • WordNet mediawiki editor finally in one piece (Lauri)

  • Installing TermFactory on University of Helsinki virtual web server (Seppo)
    • Find out requirements from Junyou
    • Negotiate with Teo Kirkinen about what they can offer
    • Ask about possibility to use new TF domain name thru University server

  • Contact Ontotext (Inari)
    • tell them we shall send a more processed format of en-fi wordnet
    • and instructions about our needs for en-fi Wordnet support

  • Contact UGOT about WP 3 meeting (Inari)
    • meeting is about the translation editor
    • Who needs to be there (Krasimir; can LauriA attend?)
    • Doodle for the date (end May/start June)

  • Meeting about the matrix form TF editor for MOLTO (Junyou, Niklas, Lauri)
    • Wednesday 18.05. at 10am in Junyou's office B526
    • Go over the back end API and its documentation --- what is missing or not working
    • Try prepare a demo by WP3 meeting

  • Fact finding about commercial TM system SDK support for MOLTO stuff
    • Look at the possibility of embedding MOLTO translation tools to 3rd party CAT:
      • survey what CAT SDKs (like SDL or Across) provide and what MOLTO requires for it to be of any use.
    • Seppo promised to inquire from his contacts.

Friday 4.02.2011

  • Junyou/Kumpula status report
    • Virtual machine hardware upgrade --> in progress
    • Memory issue (more by email)

  • Inari's progress report
    • gradu: ok progressing
    • corpus - Cristina replied
    • waiting for Petar's reply
    • continues writing pro gradu

  • Lauri A's progress report
    • coding all night long
    • progessing ok all the time

  • Seppo's progress report
    • topics found for statistical demo
    • promising topics found: malaria, ear infection, cat scratch fever
    • Working on dissemination page; looking for promising conferences and publications related to MOLTO

  • Maarit's progress report
    • Barcelona sent some patent corpus (see EvaluationCorpora )
    • IQMT system still under construction:
      • FinWordNet working on: base forms working; parser integration in progress

Friday 28.01.2011

  • 12:00
  • Lauri C's room
  • Agenda:
    • Lauri C tell about Skype call 27.01
    • Calendar updates:
      • MOLTO Project Meeting 2 at 9-11 March Gothenburg
        • Plan our participation - who's coming, who presents what
      • MOLTO Review at 14 March ditto
      • CF end meeting and demo at 28 March
      • MOLTO Summer School
    • Report on work in progress
      • Keeping journals in MOLTO KitWiki
      • Add deadline dates to deliverable tables, upcoming dates to calendar
    • New tasks
      • Inari contact Cristina in Barcelona about possible new corpora, plan Gothenburg trip
      • Seppo start a page of MOLTO related publications and other dissemination activities

Friday 21.01.2011

  • 12:00
  • Lauri C's room
  • Agenda:
    • See what everyone is doing:
    • Agree what to do no for next week
      • Lauri A and Junyou figure out installation of GF webservices on TF server
      • Lauri C and Inari work on WordNet
      • Maarit and Lauri A look into putting FinWordNet into IQMT Meteor

Tuesday 11.01.2011

  • 12:00
  • Lauri C's room
  • Agenda:
    • Check deliverables and deadlines (Molto Gothenburg 9-11.3.)
    • Plan translation editor
    • Divide labor on translation editor
    • Schedule checkpoints for translation editor work
    • Fix next few meetings

Past meetings 2010

Tuesday 25.5.

  • 12:00
  • Lauri C's room
  • Agenda:
    • Room choices starting 11.06.
    • Project partner update
    • GF progress reports
    • Evaluation tools report
    • Plan using evaluation tools on Maarit's data

Tuesday 27.4.

  • 14:00
  • Any room (Lauri C's probably)
  • Agenda:
    • presentation contents for "Tutkimus tutuksi" (to 29.4. at 9-10) at Nykykielten laitos
    • what next

Tuesday 13.4.

  • 14:00
  • Any room (Lauri C's probably)

Tuesday 30.3.

  • 14:00 (note change from 12:00)
  • Any room that is big enough and available
  • Agenda:
    • Status of D 1.1
    • what next

Monday 22.3.

  • 12:00 in A112
  • Stuff to discuss:
    • Work plan for Molto
    • Information on the website


If no date specified, the end month means the last day of the month.

  1. WP 1 Deliverable D 1.1 Work Plan for Molto due M1 (end of March)
  2. WP 9 Deliverable D9.1 MOLTO test criteria, methods and schedule M06 (end of August)

WP No. WP title Activity Leader PMonths Start End End month in non-cryptic way
WP1 Management MGT 1 UGOT 20 M01 M36 1. March 2013
WP2 Grammar Developer’s Tools RTD 1 UGOT 48 M01 M24 February 2012
WP3 Translator’s Tools RTD 2 UHEL 56 M07 M30 August 2012
WP4 Knowledge Engineering RTD 4 Ontotext 45 M01 M24 February 2012
WP5 Statistical and Robust Translation RTD 3 UPC 50 M07 M30 August 2012
WP6 Case Study: Mathematics RTD 3 UPC 36 M07 M30 August 2012
WP7 Case Study: Patents RTD 5 Mxw 42 M04 M30 August 2012
WP8 Case Study: Cultural Heritage RTD 1 UGOT 29 M13 M30 August 2012
WP9 User Requirements and Evaluation RTD 2 UHEL 27 M01 M36 1. March 2013
WP10 Dissemination and Exploitation MGT 1 UGOT 37 M01 M36 1. March 2013

Deliverables list

Del. No. Deliverable title WP Nat. Level Date Date in non-cryptic way
D1.1 Work Plan for MOLTO WP1 R CO M1 March 2010
D10.1 Dissemination plan, with monitoring and assessment WP10 R CO M3 May 2010
D10.2 MOLTO web service, first version WP10 P PU M03 May 2010
D9.1 MOLTO test criteria, methods and schedule WP9 R PU M06 August 2010
D1.2 Periodic management report 1 WP1 R CO M07 September 2010
D4.1 Knowledge Representation Infrastructure WP4 RP PU M08 October 2010
D2.1 GF Grammar Compiler API WP2 P PU M12 February 2011
D1.3 Periodic management report 2 WP1 R CO M13 March 2011
D4.2 Data Models, Alignment Methodology, Tools and Doc. WP4 RP PU M14 April 2011
D2.2 Grammar IDE WP2 P PU M18 August 2011
D3.1 MOLTO translation tools API WP3 P PU M18 August 2011
D4.3 Grammar - Ontology Interoperability WP4 P,M PU M18 August 2011
D5.1 Description of the final collection of corpora WP5 RP PU M18 August 2011
D6.1 Simple drill grammar library WP6 P PU M18 August 2011
D7.1 Patent MT and Retrieval Prototype Beta WP7 P PU M18 August 2011
D8.1 Ontology and corpus study of the cultural heritage domain WP8 O PU M18 August 2011
D1.4 Periodic management report 3 WP1 R CO M19 September 2011
D3.2 MOLTO translation tools prototype WP3 P PU M24 February 2012
D6.2 Prototype of commanding CAS WP6 P PU M24 February 2012
D2.3 Grammar tool manual and best practices WP2 RP,M PU M24 February 2012
D5.2 Description and evaluation of the combination prototypes WP5 RP PU M24 February 2012
D7.2 Patent MT and Retrieval Prototype WP7 P PU M24 February 2012
D8.2 Multilingual grammar for museum object descriptions WP8 P PU M24 February 2012
D1.5 Periodic management report 4 WP1 R CO M25 March 2012
D3.3 MOLTO translation tools workflow manual WP3 RP,M PU M30 August 2012
D5.3 WP5 final report: statistical and robust MT WP5 RP,M PU M30 August 2012
D6.3 Assistant for solving word problems WP6 P,M PU M30 August 2012
D7.3 Patent Case Study Final Report WP7 RP,M PP M30 August 2012
D8.3 Translation and retrieval system for museum object descriptions WP8 P PU M30 August 2012
D1.6 Periodic management report 5 WP1 R CO M31 September 2012
D9.2 MOLTO evaluation and assessment report WP9 R,M PU M36 1. March 2013
D10.3 MOLTO web service, final version WP10 P PU M36 1. March 2013
D10.4 MOLTO Dissemination and Exploitation Report WP10 R,M PU M36 1. March 2013
D1.7 Final management report WP1 R CO M36 1. March 2013

D.X Reporting deliverables as well as public events/documents as detailed in Appendix X WP 1, 7,8,10 see Appendix X PU see Appendix X Main deliverables of each column marked as “M” in the “Nat.” column. Regular publications marked as “RP”, other reports as “R”, prototypes as “P”. The Consortium will perform the tasks, deliver the outputs and take part in the events stipulated in Appendix X to this Description of Work.

Other things

9.-11.3. MOLTO project meeting in Gothenburg

15.-26.8. GF summer school in Barcelona

Google Calendar

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