Polycom ViaVideo as a Meeting Tool

Polycom ViaVideo cameras provide video calls, instant messaging and file sharing. Requires Polycom ViaVideo camera, Windows operating system and program installation (with administrator privileges on Windows).

For more information, see http://www.polycom.com. For another introduction to using ViaVideo, see Videoconferencing Cookbook example

Walkthrough of video calling with Polycom ViaVideo

  1. Start the Polycom ViaVideo application and camera
  2. Push the Call button on top right of the application window. Enter the IP of the recipient in the text field on top of the window.
  3. The application shows your IP on the lower left of the video view, should you need it.

Walkthrough of data sharing with Polycom ViaVideo

  1. Open the Controls panel by pushing the Controls button on bottom right of the application window. Select the Data Sharing tab.
  2. To share an application window, choose Choose Application... from the Controls panel toolbar. To share a whiteboard, choose Start Whiteboard from the toolbar. To transfer a file, choose Transfer File... from the toolbar. To start a chat, choose Chat from the toolbar.

Walkthrough of Polycom ViaVideo installation

  1. Download the software from http://www.polycom.com. First navigate to Support, from there to Video Support and then on to ViaVideo. Download ViaVideo 5.1
  2. Open the downloaded program as Administrator and follow the instructions.

-- EeroVitie - 29 Sep 2006

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