Sent: 10. helmikuuta 2010 15:43

Subject: RE: Response to Kalle Test Version 2.2

Hi Jussi, Krister and Antti,

We have made the following changes to the demo version 2.2. We hope that these are now as you wished:

  • In addition to Mozilla Firefox you can now use at least Internet Explorer, Opera or Chrome as your browser.
  • We have replaced the flags with texts Suomeksi and In English

Best wishes Satu and Seán

Sent: 5. helmikuuta 2010 23:07

Subject: Kalle Test Version 2.2

Hi Krister, Jussi and Antti,

You should now be able to access the Kalle demo application, Test Version 2.2.

In order to access kalle-test you first have to open a VPN-connection to Helsinki University. Then enter the URL into your browser: (The same URL as before.) We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

The New Features for version 2.2:

As agreed in the previous Technical meeting on Jan 25, the following items have now been fixed on the application form

  • "Short title" has been changed to "Short title of research" and the field size of the input text box has been increased.
  • The bug has been fixed: If the applicant now declines the required Terms & Conditions for the resource, the resource is not displayed on the application form.

Language selection Finnish-English has been implemented on all pages

  • As the default language, the demo picks the language you have defined for your browser.
  • Please click the flag (at the top) if you want to change the language.

Other changes/fixes

  • Minor text changes have been made, e.g. on the Language resource selection page, it now reads: several resources can be chosen.
  • Applied language resources and the referee selection are now stored in the database in order to further process the application.
  • Referee's email: We still need to study if reply-to header can be used for emails sent from root.
  • Session timeout has now been made configurable (was previously hardcoded) and has been set to 15 minutes.

Basic Authentication, like Shibboleth authentication, can only be effectively logged out of by closing the browser, so to restart the process completely you will need to do this. Once past the login the process is then in a session and expects to run to completion. If you wish to restart before completing the process you must also delete cookies in your browser. If the session has become invalid, i.e. timed out or completed, but the browser is still open, attempting to request more resources will display page asking the user to close and restart the browser.

Please also clear your browser's cache before accessing the new version.

Please contact us if you have any issues accessing the demo.

For more testing instructions please see the following Kalle project wiki pages:

Thanks and regards, Seán and Satu

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