Sent: 19. tammikuuta 2010 15:43 Subject: Kalle Demo Version 2.1

Hi Antti, Jussi and Krister,

You should now be able to access the Kalle demo application, Version 2.1 .

In order to access kalle-test you first have to open a VPN-connection to Helsinki University. Then enter the URL into your browser: (The same URL as before.) We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

The New Features for version 2.1:

On the resource list page, the resources are now listed by sub-heading, and then further ordered alphabetically under each sub-heading.

On the Terms & Conditions page, the accept button has been moved to the left side in the same style as the other pages.

The application form will then open. A list of selected and accepted resources to the application form has been added as new legend before “Purpose of Use” legend. The line “Purpose of use required for this resource” has been added in brackets after each category 3 resource to indicate that “Description of the purpose of use” fields are required.

The fields (Field of Science, Short title, Abstract of research plan or short summary of purpose of use) in the “Description of the purpose of use” group are now marked as required fields also.

You will then continue to the referee page, for controlled authorization .

Instead of the previous status page, a new status page is displayed at the end of the application process for cases where

a) controlled authorization is not required.
b) controlled authorization is required. The status page now simply lists the resources applied for.

Other changes/fixes:

  1. A bug in the previous version which manifested itself in Safari (Apple Mac) and Chrome browsers, whereby the Basic Authentication dialog box was not being displayed. Has now been fixed.
  2. Cosmetic changes:
    a) You may notice that the version number is now being displayed in the page footers.
    b) The title on all pages now consistent – “The Language Bank of Finland”.
    c) Recipients names in referee emails have had extra whitespace from database removed to improve presentation.
  3. Bug whereby exception is thrown and blank page returned if no resource is selected.

Basic Authentication, like Shibboleth authentication, can only be effectively logged out of by closing the browser, so to restart the process completely you will need to do this. Once past the login the process is then in a session and expects to run to completion. If you wish to restart before completing the process you must also delete cookies in your browser. If the session has become invalid, i.e. timed out or completed, but the browser is still open, attempting to request more resources will display page asking the user to close and restart the browser.

Please contact us if you have any issues accessing the demo.

On the Kalle project pages:

we have added the subtitle “Testing” and have added the test address and we have added a separate page for the detailed testing schedule.

Thanks and regards, Seán and Satu.

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