Technical and Steering group meeting

Meeting Agenda

Time: Thursday August 26 at 13:00-15:30
Meeting room: University of Helsinki, Metsätalo, meeting room 25 (wing B, 5th floor)


Krister Lindén chair
Jussi Piitulainen  
Ville Savolainen (replacing Totti Mäkelä in the Steering Group Meeting)
Pekka Järveläinen  
Satu Torikka project manager, secretary


Kimmo Koskenniemi  
Jyrki Niemi  
Mirja Nissinen  
Stephen Avae II (Technical meeting participation)


Totti Mäkelä  
Tero Aalto  

Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Technical meeting

  • AAI system status
    • User process (Pekka) :
      • The newest version of the AAI demo for the applying user was demonstrated by Mirja
    • Authorization work flow status (Stephen):
      • IdM will use its own authentication, because CSC did not succeed in configuring the IdM server to enable HAKA authentication. (CSC will continue to study this beyond this project.)
      • The IdM demo is now ready for testing. Testing was opened on 25th of August. Please add your test comments to the Google Issue Tracker (link), or email them to CSC by 6th of August if you want to see edits before the presentation in Luxenburg. Otherwise, please send your comments by Sept. 22. Stephen will create new IdM passwords upon request.

  • Decisions (after discussion)
    • It was agreed, that CSC's next steps to complete the AAI system will be the following:
      • User process
        • Improve the AAI demo layout in general (marginals, long names, etc.)
        • Develop the resource list: Recheck the texts. Can the list include links to metadata pages etc.? Is it possible to add check boxes? Prevent titles from being selected?
        • Re-check the error messages
        • Add the Reset function
        • It was suggested that the Language Bank Administrator will act as a CP for referee candidates. This can be changed later. The referee candidates will be instructed to give information about their familiarity with the resources of the Language Bank of Finland.
      • Authorization work flow
        • Change the sender to
        • Recheck the texts, e.g. by adding the contact address ( Could the layout be more clear?
        • The AAI system now sends two emails to the applicant: 1. After [s]he has sent the application, and 2. After the final authorization decision. CSC will still study the possibility to display the last mail to the applicant in both Finnish and English (if the Preferred language field cannot be used to display the selected language).
        • Finalize the last part of the process i.e. give the applicant access to the granted resources. However, testing will still continue until the next Technical meeting, and the launch date will be set later.
    • UHEL members are willing to participate in developing the web pages of the Language Bank of Finland, including end-user instructions for the AAI system and Terms and Conditions.
    • It was agreed that the AAI testing will be stored at the Google Issue Tracker, ref. (We have already opened a page for AAI testing).
      • Please open a Google account for you if you want to add a new issue (if you don't have one). You don't need to sign in to read only.
      • Please add your comments by Wednesday, Sept. 22, i.e. a week before the next Technical meeting. If you want to send your comments by email, it's ok, too.
  • Discussion
    • Future scenarios: Kimmo Koskenniemi told, that the entire Multilingual Research Collection of UHLCS could possibly be granted as one resource in the future.

  • Next meeting: Technical meeting on Wednesday, 29th of September at 1 pm at CSC
    • CSC will give more information about the schedule of the SUI transfer, which depends on the update of SUI to Liferay version 6. The launch schedule of the AAI system will be set if possible.

Minutes of the Steering group meeting (at 2:30 pm)

  • AAI demo presentation to EU Commission members on Sept. 8-9 in Luxembourg (by Krister)
    • Slide show for Krister: Updated version
    • Demo at
    • Krister will inform CSC if he wants to become a test CP for certain resources.
    • Tero Aalto as would need information when the demo is presented in Luxembourg in order to accept/reject the application. Alternatively, Krister can just show an email the applicant has received after approval (not on-line).

  • Coming AAI demo presentations (by Krister)
    • on September 23-24 to CLARIN management in Paris
    • on October 21-22 to European audience in Vienna (after the Neeri meeting)

  • Next steps
    • CSC will make efforts to improve the AAI demo layout before the above presentations.

  • Next meeting
    • Goal to suggest a date for the next Steering group meeting in the next Technical meeting on Sept. 29.

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