Technical and Steering group meeting

Meeting Agenda

Time: Wednesday June 9 at 13:00-15:00
Meeting room:7327 Serveri, CSC


Krister Lindén chair
Jussi Piitulainen  
Ville Savolainen (Replacing Totti Mäkelä in the Steering Group Meeting)
Pekka Järveläinen  
Satu Torikka project manager, secretary


Kimmo Koskenniemi  
Jyrki Niemi  
Mirja Nissinen  
Stephen Avae II (Technical meeting participation, IdM part)
Jussi Siuro (Technical meeting participation, IdM part)


Totti Mäkelä  
Tero Aalto  

Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Technical meeting

  • AAI system status
    • Authorization work flow status:
      • Stephen is setting up a new IdM server
      • Jussi Siuro is configuring the IdM server to enable HAKA authentication
        • The current Content Providers are mostly Haka users. This moment there is no need to find another solution.
        • Tero Aalto and Mirja will send emails/call those CPs whose organization is not known to be HAKA. In the email/on phone they will ask if these CPs could login via HAKA (or possibly VIRTU or a foreign federation, which).
    • User process: Pekka showed the newest version of the AAI demo for the applying user.

  • Completed since the previous meeting on April 23:
    • Terms&Conditions:
      • Terms now as html where e.g. highlight is possible. If edits are wanted, the UHEL members will send specifications.
      • CSC's General Terms&Conditions are shown only once if several resources are selected.
      • Resources can be equipped with links to metadata and terms on the Resource list and on the Application form. Metadata on resources is offered on CSC's public pages.
      • Decision: Changes were accepted. Jussi Piitulainen has studied what kind of metadata the Language Bank of Finland currently contains.
    • Resource list is dynamic and capable of displaying a bigger amount of resources.
      • Decision: The name of UHLCS will be changed to Multilingual Resource Collection of UHLCS (small corpora, academic use) in the demo. Also, the alphabetical order of resources will be checked.
    • In order to link the referee with the resource, thus helping the Content Provider, CSC has added a refereelist field in the Language resources table for possible future use if time allows.
      • Decision: The solution was accepted.
    • Authorization work flow: Referee and Content Provider details (name, organization and email address) have been added in the specs:
      • Decision: The UHEL members will send specifications if text edits are wanted by Tuesday 22nd of June, please send your comments to Stephen and Satu.

  • Open issues since the previous meeting on April 23:
    • CSC will study the possibility to use the Preferred language field to display the preferred language on the LBA's email template (email to the applicant).
    • CSC will study the possibility to send an email to the applicant after sending the application plus after each step of the authorization work flow, i.e. four emails per selected resource. In the requirements, one email is specified to be sent to the applicant after the final authorization decision (Accept or Reject).

  • Discussion
    • The new demo got positive feedback from UHEL members. The current HAKA login was seen as sufficient for this project at the moment. See the Steering Group minutes below for the schedule.
    • Future scenarios:
      • When the CLARIN infrastructure is running, the number of federations and resources grows.
      • Some Language Bank of Finland resources could skip authorization procedure in future, e.g. DMA and Gutenberg resources of Lemmie.
      • A web interface would serve the end-user better than the current ssh view to view which resources [s]he can access.

Minutes of the Steering group meeting (at 2:30 pm)

  • Project status
    • The project schedule has not changed from the previous meeting: Latest project schedule
    • Human resources
      • Stephen Avae II and Jussi Siuro are now participating in the project (Authorization part).
  • For the end report of the project, the UHEL members would like to see the project specifications, including the programs and technologies used. The end report could serve as a model for other CLARIN partners.
  • Next step: CSC will send the UHEL members the test address with instructions in the beginning of August.
  • Next meeting: Combined Technical and Steering group meeting on Thursday 26th of August at 1 pm at the University of Helsinki.(suggestion)
    • If possible, the UHEL members will send the test report to CSC before the meeting, and hopefully CSC can give response before the meeting.
    • The goal is to show the demo in the next CLARIN meeting in mid-October. The CLARIN prototype access is an important factor for future EU negotiations on CLARIN.
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