Technical meeting

Meeting Agenda

Time: Monday, January 25 at 2 pm
Meeting room: 7327 Serveri, CSC


Krister Lindén  
Jussi Piitulainen  
Sean Crowe  
Ville Savolainen chair
Satu Torikka secretary
Antti Ahvenlampi visitor

Meeting minutes

The meeting started with the new Scientist's interface (SUI) demo by Antti Ahvenlampi, CSC.

  • Customers' comments:
    • The user has to close the web browser in order to end the session, which is not desirable. However, it is difficult to get rid of this, because the logout from HAKA requires that the web browser is closed.
    • SSH console: A new login should not be needed, if the user is already authenticated. However, SSH console login on a Unix server like cannot use SUI authentication.

The previous meeting minutes from Dec 2, 2009 were approved.

Comments on Kalle demo version 2.1

  • Agreed to be fixed by the next test version 2.2 to be published on week 6 (1-5 Feb):
    • Fix the bug: the declined resource should not be displayed on the application form (Access rights applied for section)
    • On application form page, "Short title" to be changed to "Short title of research"
    • Minor text changes will be made, e.g. on the Language resource selection page, several resources can be chosen.
    • Emails sent from root - using reply-to header will be studied
  • To be done by the next Technical meeting (at least):
    • Implement the real Shibboleth and CSC login authentication to really verify login credentials. The next step is to move the Kalle development to the SUI environment, which already contains the real Shibboleth and CSC login authentication.
    • Set up a SUI test server to open the test environment for UHEL testers.
    • Replace the current default Terms& Conditions file with real Terms&Conditions of the Language Bank of Finland.
  • To be studied:
    • Is highlight possible in Terms&Conditions?
    • If there will be additional Terms and Conditions, Common/General Terms etc., the UHEL members needs to define layout and process flow for Terms and Conditions pages.
    • Can the applicant receive an email after sending the application? This is not included in the requirements, where an email will be sent to the applicant only after the authorization decision (Accept or Reject). However, if needed, this can be done, but with cost effects.
    • The user has to close the web browser in order to end the session, which is not desirable. Ref. SUI demo notes, too (above).
  • To be done later
    • The authorization procedure (referee's, content provider's and language bank administrator's) to be added. This is agreed to be done by the IdM.
    • Need to show that the user can actually get access to resources applied for.

Kalle demo presentation (version 2.0) at the FIN-CLARIN workshop on December 14, 2009

  • The demo presentation by Antti Arppe and Jussi Piitulainen went well.
  • The FIN-CLARIN audience saw that the step-by-step procedure of the demo was easy to follow.

Decisions after discussion

  • The Kalle demo is needed for the CLARIN prototype which will enable Finnish, Dutch and German users to access language resources in any of these countries. The prototype should be in operation by the CLARIN meeting in Brussels on 2-4 of March. The Kalle project group will do its best to meet the March deadline.
  • The Kalle test version 2.2 will be opened to the Dutch and German CLARIN members for them to see the status of the Kalle demo. To open the demo, their IP addresses (or ranges) will be asked. Also, the Requirements Documentation will be sent to them.

Next meetings

  • Technical and Steering group meeting on 23rd of February at 1 pm (if this suits all)

After the meeting, there was a dinner at 7 pm at Ryan Thai, Vuorikatu 18 (Kaisaniemi) to thank and say goodbye to Antti. Antti Arppe and Pekka Järveläinen joined for dinner.

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