SEARCH for topics which have a particular form attached to them

Q: I would like restrict the SEARCH to topics which have the relevant form attached to it. What criterion would be useful?

A: The information on the attached form is not usually visible as it actually is stored in the topics and there seems to be no explicit function which refers to it. This information can be seen by using the debug option on the raw listing, e.g. by first getting the raw listing and then by replacing the ?raw=on by ?raw=debug on the address line of the browser. The name of the form and the field data is stored in items starting with %META:.... The following would retrieve the topics in the FiLT web which contain a form called OrganizationForm and list their topic names:

%SEARCH{ "[%]META:FORM{name=\"OrganizationForm\"}[%]"
 type="regex" web="FiLT" format="FiLT.$topic" nonoise="on" }%

If one wishes to select among those topics, one may use the semicolon (;) in the regular expression. The percent signs in the search criterion are in brackets in order this expression not to match itself. (Otherwise the search might also list the page where the search itself is.)

The above example produces:

AcademyOfFinlandResearchFunding HUTDeptOfComputerScienceAndEngineeringLabOfComputerAndInformationScienceResearchGroup HUTLaboratoryOfAcousticsAndAudioSignalProcessingOrganization JyUCalsOrganization OrganizationTopicTemplate SitraResearchFunding SixthFrameworkProgramme20022006ResearchFunding TekesResearchFunding UHDeptOfComputerScienceDoReMiResearchGroup UHDeptOfComputerScienceOrganization UHDeptOfSpeechSciencesOrganization UJoDeptOfForeignLanguagesLinguisticsAndLanguageTechnologyOrganization UJoSavonlinnaSchoolOfTranslationStudiesOrganization UODeptOfElectricalAndInformationEngineeringInformationProcessingLaboratoryMediaTeamResearchGroup UTADeptOfComputerSciencesTAUCHIResearchGroup UTADeptOfInformationStudiesFIREResearchGroup UTaDeptOfInformationStudiesOrganization UniversityOfArtAndDesignHelsinkiMediaLabOrganization UniversityOfHelsinkiDepartmentOfGeneralLinguisticsOrganization UniversityOfJoensuuDepartmentOfForeignLanguagesOrganization UniversityOfOuluDepartmentOfEnglishOrganization UniversityOfOuluKITOrganization UniversityOfOuluSiloOrganization UniversityOfTurkuKITOrganization

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 01 Jun 2007

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