Using an external editor to edit topics

Q: The editing capabilities of TWiki are poor, no find/replace etc.

A: There is an add on to Firefox called Mozex which allows you to use an external editor. The contents of the browser's edit box is sent to the editor by a hot key and when the buffer is saved from the editor, the contents is returned to the edit box. Thus you may use all features of your favorite editor to edit TWiki topics (as well as many other web applications). See for more information on Mozex.

Once you have downloaded and allowed Firefox to install Mozex, you can set it up from the Tools menu item Add-ons. Select Mozex and you will get a widow for setting the preferences, including the hotkey and the text editor to be used - these options are in the Textarea tab.

One possible editor to be used is jEdit, see

Note that Mozex allows only restricted sequences of starting the external editor and saving the file. You probably must consciously follow some safe discipline.

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 10 Sep 2008

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