Tools in the Language Bank: Version control system(s)

CVS is the matured and established system - but may be not the most advanced and user-friendly. See e.g. for more information. There are CVS clients for Windows with a graphical user interface, e.g.

TortoiseCVS integrates with Internet Explorer, i.e. the file directory browser of Windows and it seems to be easy to install, has adequate documentation and is easy to use.

WinCVS might be more difficult to install and configure.

There is a comparison between various version control systems at which you are advised to consult when forming an opinion. You may add comments, wishes and opinions using the box below:

A noteworthy newer and improved alternative for CVS, see and for more information. Subversion is installed on but apparently not on the Corpus machine. There are Subversion clients for Windows, e.g. TortoiseSVN.

Git and Hg are other kind of source code management systems.

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