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date problem name abstract
| 2006-01-01 | What is counted as a word? | What is counted as a word in Kielipankki text resources? (FullyResponded)|
2006-05-02 nXML mode in Emacs I want to edit XML with Emacs. How I can use the nXML mode? (FullyResponded)
2006-04-26 Using Emacs with PuTTY I want to use Emacs in a Unix server using PuTTY in my XP. (FullyResponded)
2006-08-07 Lemmie Truncates Statistical Significance Values Käyttäessäni kollokaatioden merkitsevyyslaskennassa vaikkapa Mi- tai t-testiä, tulos ilmoittaa merkitsevyysarvoksi tasalukua. (FullyResponded)
2006-09-07 How I Know the Size of Lemmie Corpora in Use? If I use Lemmie to search from the Copora in Use as defined in Settings, how I know the total size of the Corpora? (FullyResponded)
2006-08-28 Browing Folders in SSH File Transder In some configurations of SSH, it is difficult to transfer files to and from a remote directory that is not under one's home directory, even if the user has the necessary permissions. (FullyResponded)
2006-05-05 Why less drops the 8 bit letters such as ä and ö? use the Bash shell and access the Corpus via PuTTY? from my Windows workstation. The national characters ä, ö, ... show normally on the shell window, in character mode Emacs and More, but not in Less. (NecessarySoon)
2006-09-13 MoreContext-link gives an internal server error in Lemmie Lemmie has become unstable 12 September 2006. The error reports on the 13th are related to a change in the Perl libraries. (FullyResponded)
2006-06-10 Making word lists I want to make word lists from XML encoded texts in the Language Bank of Finland. (OptionalImprovement)
2006-01-01 I need more disk space I tried to move a new corpus to the language bank, using my home directory. Unfortunately, I could copy only a small part of it. (FullyResponded)
2006-05-07 How I can connect corpus.csc.fi I have got an account for the Language Bank of Finland. How I can connect to the Linux machine corpus.csc.fi. (FullyResponded)
| 2006-08-16 | Configuring Emacs in the Language Bank Corpus Server | Configuring Emacs in the Language Bank Unix server have tricky issues. One of these is how to make Emacs to open large or huge files. While emacs may not be the best tool for editing large files, it should be available when it seems to be the fastest option, e.g for comparing binary files. (DesirableFeature)|
2006-09-21 GettingAccountNamesForStudents I am responsible for teaching a course on natural language processing. My students will need accounts in the Language Bank of Finland. How do I proceed? (FullyResponded)
2006-01-01 Does not connect to corpus.csc.fi I have followed your instructions but I am still not able to connect corpus.csc.fi. The host rejects my attempts or something else is wrong. (FullyResponded)
| 2006-08-21 | Causes for disapproval of a language bank user's application | I want to understand why my application was rejected. (OptionalImprovement)|
2006-08-21 Can't locate Lemmie.pm A Perl script cannot locate Lemmie.pm in @INC. (FullyResponded)

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