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FullName The RWTH FSA Toolkit
ItemDesc An efficient and flexible finite-state toolkit based on on-demand algorithms.


Type FsmCompiler
ImplLanguage C++
Author Stephan Kanthak and Max Bisani and David Vilar and Richard Zens
Copyright 2002 - 2005 Lehrstühl für Informatik VI, RWTH Aachen, University of Technology
License RWTH FSA License Agreement (this license is derived from Trolltech's Q Publich License v1.0 and Qt Non-Commercial License v.1.0)
References S. Kanthak and H. Ney. 2004. FSA: An efficient and flexible C++ toolkit for finite-state automata using on-demand computation, In _42nd ACL 2004, Proceedings of the Conference,pages 510--517. Forum Convention Centre Barcelona, Spain.

ProviderName RWTH I6
RelatedWork Cattoni, R. M., O. Bender and E. Mathusov, and M. Eck. 2004. Report on integration and future development of ST approaches, Deliverable D11 of Project IST-2001-37599, Preparing future multisensorial interaction research (PFSTAR),

LatestVersion 0.9.4
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