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AbbrName MAP-3.1
FullName MAP-3.1
ItemDesc The Edinburgh/Cambridge morphological analyser and dictionary system, an extended reimplementation of KIMMO.
APartOf Developed as a part of the Grammar Development Environment of the UK ALVEY Natural Language Tools (ANLT) project


Type TwoLevelSystem
ImplLanguage Franz/Common Lisp

Copyright 1987 Graeme Ritchie, Steve Pulman, and Graham Russel, Alan Black

References - Ritchie, Graeme D., Alan W. Black, Stephen G. Pulman, and Graham J. Russel. 1987. The Edinburgh/Cambridge morphological analyser and dictionary system (version 3.0) user manual, Software Paper 10, Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh.
- Ritchie, Graeme D., Graham J. Russel, Alan W. Black, and Stephen G. Pulman. 1992. Computational Morphology. Practical Mechanisms for the English Lexicon, ACL-MIT Press Series in Natural Language Processing. Cambridge, Massachusetts: A Bradford Book. The MIT Press.
Availability - The ANLT toolkit is released under a commercial license, specimen license available from
- MAP-3.1 is available "without license" according to as TAR archive


RelatedWork The ANLT project,

LatestVersion 1987
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