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AbbrName Findlib Tree Automata Libraries
FullName Ranked and Unranked Tree Automata Libraries
ItemDesc two libraries written in Ocaml for manipulating ranked and unranked tree automata. The first one is a library for manipulating binary tree automata ( see the readme file,the bibliography and the TATA's book for more explanations ), i.e. classical tree automata which runs on binary trees. The second one is a library for manipulating unranked tree automata, called stepwise automata (see the readme file, the bibliography and the abstract for more explanations). This one uses the first one. The libraries are designed for Findlib, a package manager for Ocaml.

The Binary Tree Automata Library provides functions for using classical tree automata with binary trees ( membership, determinization, union, intersection, complementation, printing), e.g. the membership can run only with binary trees. The library also provides functors which allows the user to create new implementations of the required modules.
APartOf Findlib, a package manager for Ocaml

Type Other
ImplLanguage Ocaml
Author Emmanuel Filiot.
INRIA Futur. Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille (LIFL)


References Julien Carme, Joachim Niehren and Marc Tommasi.Querying Unranked Trees with Stepwise Tree Automata.2004.
Emmanuel Filiot.Rapport of student internship : Automates d'Arbres Ó AritÚs Arbitraires(in french). 2003.





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