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AbbrName ALE-RA
FullName ALE-RA
ItemDesc ALE-RA is a morphological extension of ALE, a logic programming and grammar parsing and generation system. It implements on one hand, Paradigm Function Morphology, and on the other hand, One-Level Phonology.
ContainsParts (i) Steve Finch's FSA library implemented in C++, (ii) the C++/Prolog interface by Steven Bird
Type Combined
ImplLanguage SICStus Prolog, C++
Author 1995 Tomał Erjavec and Steven Bird
Copyright (implicit)
License (not explicit) (ALE is under LGPL and Finch's FSA library under GPL, though)

References - Erjavec, Tomał. 1995. Unification, Inheritance and Paradigms in the Morphology and Natural Languages. Ph.D. thesis, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science.

ProviderName Tomał Erjavec at the Dept. of Knowledge Technologies at the Jołef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia
RelatedWork ALE was developed by Bob Carpenter & Gerald Penn.
About the system ALE, see

LatestVersion 1995
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