Project kick-off meeting

Meeting minutes

Meeting agenda

Time: Friday, March 27, 12.30-14.30 Meeting room: Sensori, 7th floor, CSC


Antti Arppe chair
Sean Crowe  
Mikael Linden  
Totti Mäkelä  
Ville Savolainen  
Satu Torikka secretary

1. Introductions of all parties

  • Sean Crowe has started as the system developer for this project.

2. Brief introduction to ESFRI CLARIN project (Antti)

  • WP2 Workshop Oxford presentation 2009-02-26
    • what is CLARIN about (minimum and more ambitious scenarios)
    • what is the current view of the technical design for CLARIN AAI for linguistic resources and tools (LRT)
  • CLARIN construction phase 5-10 years after the current preparative phase.
  • ESFRI financing provision for FIN-CLARIN

3. General goals of the Development project of AAI for Finnish language resources (Antti, Ville)

  • Main objective will be to fulfill the Requirements Specification, main aspects being SSO and a paperless system that is conformant with the EU-CLARIN.
  • Overall timetable will be included in the project plan. Timetable will be based on the contract. Invoicing requirements of UHEL will be filled by CSC.
  • A general project plan will be devised on the basis of the Requirements Specification. In the first place, the system can be used for the Finnish organisations participating in FIN-CLARIN. CSC will generate a draft for the project plan to be accepted by Antti Arppe, UHEL.
  • Meetings:
    • Steering group meetings every 3-4 months (Steering group and project group as necessary). Next meeting to accept the project plan in the early May, suggested 4th of May in the afternoon at the University of Helsinki (UHEL)
    • Technical meetings (project group and Antti Arppe) approximately once a month. Next technical meeting to discuss the project plan based on the Requirements Specification will be held by the end of April, preferably 27th of April (or 28th or 29th).

4. Requirements Specification

  • Requirements Specification will be parsed through in detail in the next technical meeting (see above). This moment UHEL does not suggest any changes to the Requirements Specification.
  • Discussion and questions concerning the Requirements Specification
    • For tools like Lemmie, there are certain development needs and also search tool development needs. Resourcing for these has to handled separate from this project.

5. Free discussion on CLARIN involvement

  • Relevant contacts:
    • Specifically Max Planck Institute/Nijmegen in CLARIN WP2 contacts (Dieter Van Uytvanck, Daan Broeder and Peter Wittenburg) are relevant with respect to the CLARIN AAI and the implementation of a CLARIN conformant LRT AAI in Finland. They want to accomplish a prototype for CLARIN.
    • WP5 LRT Overview
    • WP7 IPR and Business Models, UHEL Kimmo Koskenniemi

  • CSC's experience in other infrastructures, e.g., ESO for astrophysics, is valuable.

  • Suggestions:
    • Joint venture at Nordic level, e.g. interest to get access to Gothenburg Språkbanken tools via CLARIN
    • Meeting with University of Tampere FSD contacts, who may be interested in similar solutions as CLARIN. Also bioinformatics may have similar needs.

6. Any other business

  • Mikael and Antti will travel to SurfNET, Netherlands on March 30 to discuss the CLARIN project with Dieter Van Uytvanck, Daan Broeder and Peter Wittenburg (MPI for Psycholinguistics)
  • Antti will be on holiday for about two weeks around Easter

-- SatuTorikka - 2009-03-25

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