Omorfi is managed at google code now.

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Omorfi SVN repository

The SVN repository for up-to-date omorfi version is located at servers: Older versions can be fetched as described below.

Omorfi CVS repository

CVS repository for omorfi and hfst development versions is on servers in directory /c/appl/ling/koskenni/cvsrepo. In order to start using it you will have to point CVSROOT variable on shell environment to it (e.g. export CVSROOT=/c/appl/ling/koskenni/cvsrepo/ on bash). To use it from remote host (e.g. home laptop ) point CVSROOT to, you might also need to point CVS_RSH variable to ssh executable.

Initial repository

The version control repository was created by the following command on Corpus3 server:

  export CVSROOT=/c/appl/ling/koskenni/cvsrepo
  cvs -d /c/appl/ling/koskenni/cvsrepo init

The word list of Kotus (Kotuksen sanalista) version 1 was entered to the repostory by the command executed in the directory where the relevant files were:

  $ ls -l
  yhteensä 3548
  -rwxr-xr-x  1 koskenni omorf     760 15. joulu   2006 kotus-sanalista.dtd
  -rwxr-xr-x  1 koskenni omorf 3568717 15. joulu   2006 kotus-sanalista_v1.xml
  -rwxr-xr-x  1 koskenni omorf   26436 15. joulu   2006 license.txt
  -rwxr-xr-x  1 koskenni omorf   11213 26. kesä   14:48 sanalistan-kuvaus.txt
  -rwxr-xr-x  1 koskenni omorf   12220 18. joulu   2006 sanalistan-kuvaus.txt~

  cvs import -m "Kotuksen sanalistan versio 1" kotus/kotus-sanalista_v1 kotus start

Short CVS instructions

For initial check out of project’s files from CVS server export CVSROOT as advised above and execute cvs co projectname. During initial check out the CVSROOT is saved in all sub directories named CVS of checked out copy and it does not need to be set for further operation in same directory.

To synchronise working copy execute cvs up from relevant directory of checked out copy.

To upload changes, first update local copy with cvs up, then cvs commit [FILENAMES]. New files need to be added with cvs add before hands.

To import whole new projects set CVSROOT as advised above, and use cvs import. N.B: after importing the imported directory does not contain CVS variables, so if you want to use newly imported directory as CVS working directory you must execute cvs co immediately after import.

When importing or adding new files and directories make sure the group owner is omorf so that everyone can access the files. To change group owner use chown :omorf [FILES]. (You can always chown after importing or uploading as well, it is not guaranteed to work with CVS but seems to do so).


omorfi: An early alpha version of SFST-PL based morphology of Finnish language is in repository root under directory omorfi now. If you modify things, make a note in relevant files, i.e. at least ChangeLog and AUTHORS/THANKS. See also OMorFiWithSFST

omorfi-guessify: Some scriptlets and samples towards aggregation of multiple word sources for omorfi list especially using automatic and semi-automatic classification methods. See also OmorfiLexiconMaintenancePlan

kotus-sanalista: A mechanically improved installable version of kotus-sanalista I used with some versions of omorfi. Contains XSLT based scripts to mechanically improve list data before use in morphological parser, such as guessing plurale tantum words and guessing pronunciations of words in class 22 (foreign citation loans). Many of the automatic improvements need to be hand checked afterwards. See also OMorFiKotusSanalista.

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