OMorFi: Freedom

The Freedom of OMorFi means that it can be used for research and teaching in addition to a number of other useful purposes - especially also for commercial purposes - and this requires the following:

  1. Anyone creating parts to be included in OMorFi contributes the results on consistent conditions, i.e. the conditions do not weaken the Freedom of OMorFi. This is ensured by each contributor signing an agreement to this end. Without the signed agreement, contributions will not be included in OMorFi.
  2. The signed agreement must also state that the parts to be included in OMorFi have only been created using programs or tools that do not weaken the Freedom of OMorFi.
  3. The signed agreement must also state that for creating OMorFi or its parts only such corpora, word lists or other language resources have been used whose license conditions do not weaken the Freedom of OMorFi.

The main license is LGPL (Lesser General Public License), but for various tools the GPL (General Public License) is equally suitable or some other license that does not jeopardize the Freedom of OMorFi. Multi-licensing will be investigated.

The license includes a right for the compilers (KOTUS and the Department of Linguistics at the University of Helsinki) to grant single licenses deviating from the LGPL. The need for such licenses may arise when the LGPL license would prevent OMorFi from being included in some software due to potential or practical conflicts of licensing conditions. Such deviating licenses granted by the compilers may permit that the OMorFi analyzer be included as such in some third party software but any further development of OMorFi must adhere to LGPL conditions.

These conditions are ensured by the so called Joint Copyright Assignment, viz. OMorFiJointCopyrightAssignment.

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 24 Oct 2007
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