XSLT: XML transformations

XSLT is a formalism for transforming XML documents to other XML documents or to text documents. There are two versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the XSLT standard as defined by W3C, see also an article on XSLT in Wikipedia and another on XSL template engine which lists many of the existing implementations.

XSLT version 1.0

The version 1.0 is sufficient for many applications, typically for transforming XML source into HTML pages in normal applications. On Hippu, there is a program xsltproc which is simple, fast and reliable. Xsltproc performs version only XSLT 1.0 transformations. More information on on xsltproc can be found by executing man xsltproc on Hippu.

XSLT version 2.0

The version 2.0 has more possibilities than 1.0 for transformations, most notably the full use of regular expressions (comparable to that of Python or Perl) and the possibility of outputting more than one file out of one source in the same run, see the pages of W3C for more information on XSLT 2.0. Saxon Home editionSaxon-HE is an open source version of the XSLT 2.0 processor and the commercial versions Professional Edition (PE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) are available througn Saxonica.

On Hippu, there is one (fairly old) version SAXON 6.5.5 for XSLT 2.0 tranformations which you can get by first executing module load saxon. The Java files are in the directory /v/linux26_x86_64/appl/ling/saxon

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