Migration from Venus to Corpus

Here we try to summarize what an user ought to know when moving from Venus (venus.ling.helsinki.fi) server and the current Corpus (corpus.csc.fi) server. Some comments on Ruuvi (ruuvi.helsinki.fi) or Punk (punk.helsinki.fi) are also included. First some similarities between Corpus and Venus:

  • Corpus and Ruuvi use tcsh as the default command shell, unlike the former Venus. On Ruuvi, you can call Bash, but you need some adjustments in order to get a behavior similar to Corpus. Somebody, please find out what one has to do on Ruuvi to achieve that. (Hint: Add a line consisting of: exec bash as the last line of ~/.login file.)
  • To change your shell on Corpus, mail the admins (ling at csc.fi). Chsh will change your shell, but only temporarily.
  • GNU Emacs on Corpus is very similar to that on the former Venus. On Ruuvi, GNU Emacs is called gemacs (and command emacs invokes a simpler editor called Microemacs).
  • Most of the linguistic parsers which were used on Venus are also available on Corpus, see the listing on the CSC official pages: http://www.csc.fi/tutkimus/ohjelmistot_ja_tietokannat/index_html#field5

Users will notice some differences:

  • Printing on paper from Corpus if you are e.g. at the Department of General Linguistics is more complicated. Instructions would be needed. (Probably one can at least print into a PostScript or a PDF file, transform it to one's desktop machine and print it from there.)
  • To print a text file to a PostScript file on Corpus, use enscript <input_file> -o <output_file>
  • No Beta program on Corpus yet.
  • No Allegro Common Lisp system on Corpus. On Punk there are two Lisps available (and both or one of these probably ought to be installed also to Corpus):
    1. gcl (GNU Common Lisp interpreter/compiler) - see its documentation at http://www.gnu.org/software/gcl/
    2. clisp (ANSI Common Lisp compiler, interpreter and debugger) - see its documentation at http://clisp.cons.org/.

See also http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/atk/palvelut/ for advice for migrating from Venus to Ruuvi or Punk.

Further differences (go ahead and enter in the box below and click the "add box" button):

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 18 Jun 2007
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