Emacs on Hippu: Wishes and points to be checked

Note On Hippus, the Emacs version is now 23.1.1 (2012-03-14) and thus most of the discussion below has become irrelevant.

UTF-8 support


The instructions as given in LinuxToolsEmacsUtf8 appear not to work on Hippu (2010-02-22). Specifically, on Hippu, if we type '' we see something like '▒¤' on the screen. Hippu Emacs appears to stay in raw-text-unix mode in spite of the -*- coding: utf-8-unix -*- comment and expicit attempts to change the coding.


Emacs Mule setting enable-multibyte-characters appears not to be set. (Mule is the facility which enables the use of multinational character sets.) If not set, then Emacs may treat all character sets as 7 bit ASCII and then nothing with the Unicode characters or UTF-8 will succeed.

You may set this variable through so called customizing:

M-x customize-variable enable-multibyte-characters

Thereafter, the instructions given in LinuxToolsEmacsUtf8 should work. Customizing inserts lines in your ~/.emacs initialization file which see that the variable will be set automatically when you next time use the Emacs.

Probably, this Mule setting should be the default for all language technology users.

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 2009-03-27


First of all, the Emacs version on hippu is 21.4.1. This should definitely be upgraded. The current version is 23.1. Also, site-lisp is broken. These two things should be remedied before deciding on further tweaks.

On startup, emacs says:

Loading /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/site-start.d/lang-coding-systems-init.el (source)...
or: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

Most likely some utf-8 magic is being done there but isn't working. In my experience it's not a good idea to do tweaks like this in site-lisp but to have good locale settings and leave any remaining tweaks to users. From hippu's locale:


This is obviously wrong. A current emacs, a standard (unhacked) site-lisp and good locale settings (at least utf-8 ones) would be extremely beneficial.

-- SamHardwick - 2009-08-11

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