Emacs CUA: A package which makes Emacs more Windows-like


I am used to Windows (and Motif) use of keys (C-z for Undo, C-x for Cut, C-c for Copy, C-v for paste) and it is difficult to switch between Emacs and other applications. I use Windows on my desktop and want to use Emacs on a Linux server (such as Corpus).


There is a package CUA which makes the switching somewhat easier by redefining these critical keys in Emacs. It only works in the graphical interface of Emacs, i.e. the one you can use e.g. with WinAxe (X-Session), not in the character mode version which you start with emacs -nw.

See: http://www.cua.dk/cua.html for further documentation on the CUA package.

You can try it right away e.g. by starting WinAxe, setting the following three lines in your ~/.emacs file:

   (setq load-path (cons "~koskenni/emacs" load-path))
   (require 'cua)
   (CUA-mode t)


When the CUA is loaded and in effect, you can copy and paste within Emacs using the Windows control keys. Whether you can copy and paste from other Windows applications to Emacs and vice versa depends on the X-Selection Options of the WinAxe. If X-Selection is PRIMARY then the cross copying and pasting should succeed.

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 21 Jun 2007

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