Emacs: Problems, solutions and tips

This page discusses the GNU Emacs and it use on the Corpus machine. See also more specific Emacs topics:

Emacs packages needed for language technology and corpora

Open problems with Emacs on Corpus machine

  • How to use Unicode (UTF-8) with Emacs on the Corpus machine? (This includes saving and processing the text in UTF-8, entering Unicode characters, proper fonts on the screen, using Emacs in character mode and with a windowing system like X or Windows, etc.) See some links below.

Tips in using Emacs

How to EmacsWordWrap, i.e. make emacs automatically fold long lines.

Problems on Emacs use with solutions

Problem: Emacs does not save my file in Latin1 even if the file was in Latin1 when I loaded it.
Solution: C-x RET c iso-latin-1-unix (command universal-coding-system-argument) just before saving the file. See Emacs documentation on coding systems for alternative methods. (Is there an easy way to force Emacs to use Latin1 as a default when saving files?)


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