Parsers and other linguistic tools

Tools supported by the local user community

Resources and tools with CSC support

There is a complete listing of the language resources and language technology tools that CSC supports at:

You can click items in that list to get a description of the resource or tool. The description includes information of the license, an example of usage and possible pointers to further information. Please, go to that list to find out what is available and for an initial information package.

Comment on the official list: At the bottom of the list, the code "P" is said to correspond to "Public domain" which is inaccurate if not misleading. All software with GPL (or other open source) license are definitely not in the public domain. They are clearly under copyright and strictly controlled by its (GPL or other) license which specifically allows any kind of usage, freedom to modify and copy as long as the result remains under the same license. Public domain, on the contrary, means either that the copyright of the material has expired or that the material is free from a copyright because it is created e.g. by public authorities for free use (such as laws and statutes in many countries are). In many countries, it might be difficult or impossible to turn ones copyrighted material into public domain.

In addition to the official list which is not part of this KITWIKI, it will be useful to collect further advice and user experiences here. Collective effort will definitely be useful in making the materials and tools even more useful.

Resources and tools elsewhere

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