Current Known TWiki Problems

This page is for listing problems one might come across, which are due to TWiki function or actual bugs in the currently used TWiki version. If possible, workarounds are provided. All TWiki bugs are not meant to be listed here, just ones that affect the use of KitWiki and might confuse users. For a full listing of bugs, see TWiki's bug web.

General oddities

Bold text

When bolding text the TWiki way (with *text*), you must make sure the text is on one line, otherwise it's not interpreted correctly and bolded. For long copy-pasted texts it's probably easier to just use html's <b>-tags than to hunt for line breaks.

Special character in SpreadSheetPlugin's TRANSLATE function

The character ¤ apparently has special meaning within SpreadSheetPlugin's TRANSLATE function so that if the user tries to use it, the result is not what was expected. TRANSLATE gives out & for it if ¤ is in the to parameter, or multiplies the character supplied in to if ¤ is in from.

TWiki version 4.2.3

Multi row span does not work on table headers

This is a known bug. TWiki interprets bolded items in tables as headers, and spanning across rows with the usual ^-mark does not work on these rows. You can instead create empty cells with *&nbsp;*, so the table aligns correctly.

$formfield in formatted search does not work if the field is marked as hidden

This is a known bug. Hidden form fields don't show up through a search, even though the topic is found correctly. There's probably no workaround for this, other than to not use hidden fields.

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