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-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 01 Jun 2006

KitCourseName Special Course in Language Technology, Finnish-Swedish Machine Translation Challenge (T-61.6090)
KitCoursePrerequisites This special course is intended for graduate and advanced undergraduate students. Each participant is expected to have reasonably advanced understanding in a relevant discipline related to the domain of interest (e.g. language technology, machine translation, computer science, statistical machine learning).
KitCourseContents The course has the following basic objectives:

* To provide understanding on different approaches in machine translation (MT)

* To help in developing skills in assessing the benefits and drawbacks of different MT approaches

* To provide practical experience on working in a multidisciplinary group developing a rather complex language technology system

* To help in developing skills and understanding on how to use effectively existing language technology resources for a specific task
KitCourseCompletion The course will be graded as accepted / failed. Requirements for passing the course:

* Active participation in a group developing a working prototype of a Finnish-Swedish (Swedish-Finnish) MT system, and

* Written presentation of group work

It is possible to attend the course using e-mail and the web-based resources that are made available during the course.
KitCourseUrl, CourseMtChallenge2006
KitCourseTeacher TimoHonkela, LauriCarlson, KimmoKoskenniemi
KitCourseQuarter Q1, Q2
KitUniversity HY, TKK
KitCourseLevel syvent
KitCourseCredits 7 ov
KitCourseEnrollment Email to TimoHonkela
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