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-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 01 Jun 2006

KitCoursePrerequisites The prerequisite for taking this course is the completion of the course SGN-4010 Speech processing methods or equivalent knowledge.
KitCourseContents This course teaches the basic principles behind current speech recognition systems, particularly the probabilistic hidden Markov model (HMM) paradigm in detail. This includes the definition of the model, the calculation of all relevant probabilities, the search for the optimal path (the Viterbi algorithm), training of the models and their use in a large-vocabulary speech recognition system. Once you've taken the course you'll know what all of these mean :).
KitCourseCompletion This course can be completed via distance learning from other universities in the KIT-network. This requires signing up for the course by email to the lecturer before the beginning of the course. The required amount of exercises must be completed during the course by sending the answers to the teaching assistant by email.
KitCourseTeacher Konsta Koppinen
KitCourseQuarter Q4
KitUniversity TTKK

KitCourseCredits 5 op
KitCourseEnrollment Sähköpostilla luennoitsijalle. Mainitse "KIT-verkoston puitteissa".
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