Emergence of early cognition, communication and language - from humans to machines (T616090)

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 22 Aug 2007

kurssin nimi Emergence of early cognition, communication and language.
esitietovaatimukset The course is intended for graduate and advanced undergraduate
students who have a reasonably advanced understanding in one of the
following disciplines: language technology, statistical machine
learning, cognitive science, computer science, cognitive neuroscience,
or cognitive linguistics.
kurssin sisältö Attempting to develop cognitive systems capable of language understanding
can be useful in increasing our understanding of how the language faculty
develops and works in humans, and in devising engineering solutions to
practical problems in language technology such as machine translation or
speech recognition and understanding. This seminar course will look at
selected literature on the development of cognition and language, both on
species scale and in individual child. We will also examine recent
engineering attempts at modeling these phenomena using learning methods in
the field of language technology. A practical project work will provide
hands-on experience.
kurssin suoritustapa To pass the course, you will
- give an oral presentation on selected material,
- read other weekly materials, perform small writing assignments,
- participate actively and be an opponent for someone else,
- Do a project work, preferably in groups.

linkki kurssin sivuille http://www.cis.hut.fi/Opinnot/T-61.6090/
kurssin opettaja D.Sc. Krista Lagus (lecturer), M.Sc. Oskar Kohonen (assistant) and Dr. Timo Honkela (associate organizer)
opetuksen neljännekset Q1, Q2
opettava yliopisto TKK
kurssin taso syvent
opintopisteet 6
ilmoittautuminen kurssille send mail to t616090@cis.hut.fi
opinto-oikeuden myöntäjä TKK opintoasiaintoimisto
opinto-oikeuden haun määräaika TKK jatkuva
haun sähköinen vastaanotto sähköisesti, kirjallisesti
opinto-oikeuksien yhteyshenkilö TKK opintoasiaintoimisto JOO-posti@tkk.fi
muita ohjeita The course will be evaluated as pass with distinction / pass /
fail. To obtain "pass" grade, you must complete all the
assignments. To pass with distinction, you will additionally show
special activity and commendable quality in at least three of the four

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