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-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 01 Jun 2006

KitCourseName Mathematical Methods in Information Retrieval (INFOS12)
KitCoursePrerequisites INFOA32 Tiedonhaun menetelmät (4 op) = Methods in Information Retrieval (4 credit units) - or equivalent.
KitCourseContents The course contents cover retrieval models - Boolean, fyzzy Boolean, vector space, probabilistic, language model and other retrieval models. Document indexing and retrieval is examined under each model.
KitCourseCompletion There are four alternative ways:

* Book exam: read the books, prepare to show comprehension of the mathematics, go to exam. The book exam alternative is available all the time. If you pick this option, read the course exam literature (see at Curriculum) and enroll to a book exam given by Prof. Jaana Kekäläinen.

* An essay based on the lectures and a set of articles pointed out (5000 words). (The course is organized every third semester, next time flall 2007).

* Implementation Project: implementation and testing of an IR method using some programming language.

* Formalization Project: formalization of some IR method.
KitCourseTeacher Jaana Kekäläinen
KitCourseQuarter Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
KitUniversity TaY
KitCourseLevel syvent
KitCourseCredits 6 op

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