Form for entering KIT courses

Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
KitCourseName text 60   Name of the KIT course  
KitCoursePrerequisites textarea 60x8   Prerequisites for attending the course  
KitCourseContents textarea 60x8   What do I learn if I attend the course?  
KitCourseCompletion textarea 60x6   What must I do in order to complete the course?  
KitCourseUrl text 60   URL of the course home page  
KitCourseTeacher text 60   Wiki name of the teacher  
KitCourseQuarter checkbox 4 Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 In which quarters the course will be delivered?  
KitUniversity checkbox 9 HY, JoY, JY, OY, TaY, TKK, TTKK, TY, VY Which university is delivers the course?  
KitCourseLevel checkbox 3 perusop, aineop, syvent Is the course basic, intermediate or advanced locally?  
KitCourseCredits text 20   Number of ECT credits for this course  
KitCourseEnrollment text 60   How to enroll to the course  

See: KitCourseTopicTemplate

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 01 Jun 2006

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