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-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 01 Jun 2006

KitCourseName Rakenteisten dokumenttien käsittely (Structured Documents Processing) (Clt232)
KitCoursePrerequisites * No prerequisites. The course can be taken successfully by language students with no computer science background.

* If you already know some HTML (for example, from clt132 Rakenteisten dokumenttien perusteet) the beginning of this course will be easier.

KitCourseContents * HTML and CSS for creating and styling web pages

* LaTeX for writing essays and dissertations

* PDF for distributing and printing documents

* LaTeX-to-HTML and LaTeX-to-PDF transformations

* XML for structuring and annotating documents

* DTDs and Schemas for validating XML documents

* XPath for finding specific parts of XML documents

* XSLT for transforming XML document structures

* XML-to-HTML and XML-to-PDF transformations

* XSL-FO for document formatting and layout

* SVG for XML-based graphics

* SSML for XML-based speech synthesis

KitCourseCompletion The course consists of lectures, practical lab exercises, and a series of programming assignments. It can be passed just by doing the assignments.
The course can be done by distance learning. Students can install the required software (jEdit) to do the practical work and the assignments at home.
KitCourseTeacher Graham Wilcock
KitCourseQuarter Q1
KitUniversity HY
KitCourseLevel aineop
KitCourseCredits 3 op
KitCourseEnrollment Sähköpostilla luennoitsijalle. Mainitse "KIT-verkoston puitteissa".
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