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-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 01 Jun 2006

KitCourseName Information Retrieval Methods (581257)
KitCoursePrerequisites The course is a master level course. No special prerequisites. Basic computer skills and some understanding on algorithms are necessary.
KitCourseContents Basic concepts of information retrieval. Storing and retrieval processes. Retrieval models. Matching methods. Processing of natural language text for retrieval. Query strategies and user interfaces.

The course covers (about) the same content as the course
KitCourseCompletion Only the project work and the exam are obligatory, but students are recommended to attend the lectures and solve the exercises.
There are four exercise sessions. The students are given 3-4 tasks per week to solve in advance on their own. Each week there is an exercise session, where last week's tasks are discussed and solved together. Distant-learning KIT-students may return their solutions by email to the teacher.

The students present their projects in the last exercise session (19 February 2007). If you have completed the project work, you can raise your grade in a separate exam. Or if you decide to do the course on your own, you must return the project work before you take the separate exam. Guidance for the project work is given only during the course. During other periods you have to do the project work without guidance.
KitCourseTeacher Prof. Helena Ahonen-Myka
KitCourseQuarter Q3
KitUniversity HY
KitCourseLevel aineop
KitCourseCredits 3 op
KitCourseEnrollment Sähköpostilla luennoitsijalle. Mainitse
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